Friday 22 April 2022
Academia Sinica seeking researchers in Taiwan to conduct advanced quantum study
Taiwan's Academia Sinica launched a project earlier this month to seek local scholars and researchers to conduct R&D on key breakthrough technologies and will fund their research...
Thursday 16 December 2021
Accton warns of potential cutback in orders for network devices
The supply of network switches will remain tight in the first half of 2022, but overbooking at customers may lead to a cutback in orders in the third quarter when shortage of chip...
Tuesday 14 September 2021
Taiwan makes quantum computer development a priority
The substantial increase in the number of quantum bits, also called qubits, and structural dimensions of logic gates have made the fidelity and connectivity of qubits highly critic...
Thursday 22 April 2021
China Quantum development during 14th 5-year plan


Thursday 28 January 2021
Taiwan urged to focus on quantum computer hardware initially
Felix Gwo, director of the Center for Applied Sciences, Academia Sinica, has noted that Taiwan should focus on optimizing the hardware as the initial target in the development of...
Thursday 17 December 2020
Taiwan firms face critical moments in next 3-5 years in quantum computing, says Foxconn chair
Foxconn Technology Group (Hon Hai Precision Industry) chairman Young-Way Liu has pointed out that quantum computing is attracting more global attention, and the next three to five...
Wednesday 16 December 2020
Taiwan ICT companies urged to seize quantum opportunities
Even with the birth of quantum computers, instruments for data collection and measurement will still need semiconductor components and Taiwan's ICT industry should see how they can...
Tuesday 15 December 2020
Taiwan government to support companies in quantum era
Amid concerns that quantum computing could threaten the existence of the semiconductor industry, Taiwan's minister of science and technology Tsung-Tsong Wu has noted that his ministry...
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