China Quantum development during 14th 5-year plan

Joyce Chen, DIGITIMES Research, Taipei 0
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Kicking off in 2021, China's 14th 5-year plan continues to include quantum technology as one of the key development projects.
Quantum development during 14th 5-year plan

China's iconic public cloud service providers started their quantum technology development during the 13th 5-year plan period. Although the China government reiterated the importance of quantum technology in its 14th 5-year plan, China's leading cloud service providers' quantum technology development strategies focus on quantum simulators and quantum computing cloud platforms with no significant progress in quantum computers or processors at present.

There are some firms making efforts toward quantum computer research in China but this shows that China's quantum computing industry is in a challenging situation where its software and hardware development is off balance.

Despite still being in the early-stage development, quantum computing and quantum communication may drive research of national importance such as drug development, energy materials and national security. This prompted governments around the world to highlight quantum technology in their national development strategies.

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