Friday 23 February 2024
Emerging strong from 2023, Weblink is prepped to seize opportunities in AI
After outperforming its competitors in 2023, Taiwan-based distributor Weblink International is charging even further ahead in 2024, with president Dave Lin noting three main growth...
Friday 23 February 2024
AI to drive touchpad and fingerprint recognition growth, says Elan
Leading touch microcontroller maker Elan Microelectronics is reporting year-on-year increases in revenue and profits for the fourth quarter of 2023 due to inventory destocking and...
Wednesday 21 February 2024
Navigating AI PCs: avoiding the pitfalls of industry trends
The market often simplifies industry trends by assigning straightforward labels, from past terms like Industry 4.0 and the Internet of Things (IoT) to the current buzz around Artificial...
Tuesday 20 February 2024
New-gen Windows OS to boost AI PC sales
According to sources in the PC industry, AI-powered PC sales are not anticipated to increase substantially until the second half of 2024, when Microsoft introduces its next-gen Windows...
Monday 19 February 2024
Anticipating AI PC surge, Auden forecasts revenue growth in 2024 despite Q1 decline
Auden Techno, the RF solution provider of wireless technology, has announced the...
Friday 16 February 2024
IC design houses mixed about near-term AI PC market outlook
IC design firms have mixed views about the near-term outlook of the AI PC market despite the general belief that it is on the right track technologically in the long run.
Thursday 8 February 2024
Fate of panel industry in 2024 depends on three factors
Sports events, AI PCs, and industry production adjustments will affect the recovery momentum of the panel industry in 2024.
Wednesday 7 February 2024
AMD to bet on AI PCs, said AMD president Victor Peng
With the AI competition heating up, US chip giant AMD is betting on AI PCs and diving head-on into a race with Nvidia and Intel.
Wednesday 7 February 2024
Software is key to AI PC's success, says DIGITIMES Research
We are seeing the most standardized specifications of AI hardware with the launch of AI PCs, and the operating system and the apps will be key to defining the "AI" on the PCs as a...
Wednesday 7 February 2024
PixArt upbeat about demand for PC and gaming mice
IC design house PixArt Imaging (PXI), which supplies CMOS image sensors (CIS) and other sensor chips, anticipates consistent growth in sales from orders for PC and gaming mice in...
Wednesday 7 February 2024
PC industry in 2024 to be a mixed bag, as Apple sees drop while other brands eye slight growth
PC industry companies, ranging from upstream suppliers like TSMC to end-user brands, have found it difficult to predict the timing and extent of recovery in 2024. In addition to cautious...
Monday 5 February 2024
China-designed PC motherboards emerge amid indigenization
Amid the geopolitical implications of chip supply security and the expected AI-driven growth in the PC market in 2024, China-based CPU manufacturers are actively entering the motherboard...
Friday 2 February 2024
AMD's MI300 steals the show of AI PC processors
Although AI PC has become a hot topic the market has been following lately, AMD's AI GPUs, such as the MI300, were the center of attention during AMD's latest earnings call.
Friday 2 February 2024
Can Apple's MacBook line prevail amid the AI PC competition?
Sources in Apple's MacBook supply chain are anticipating single-digit growth in shipment volumes for 2024, compared to the downturn seen in 2023. With Intel, Qualcomm, and MediaTek...
Wednesday 31 January 2024
Intel unveils trio of PC processors in 2-year span, powering up AI performance
Intel recently held an earnings call where they disclosed financial results and outlook and delved into various topics regarding new-generation products. These include upcoming PC...
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