Wednesday 22 November 2023
Chinese handset vendors' self-developed OS ambitions threaten Android ecosystem in China
Chinese smartphone vendors Huawei, Vivo, and Xiaomi are making a bold move by developing their own operating systems that are incompatible with Android, potentially altering the landscape...
Tuesday 24 October 2023
Huawei takes first step in smartphone OS autonomy, followed by Xiaomi and Vivo
Huawei has successfully stimulated the long-slumping consumer electronics market. Besides securing the top spot in Chinese market smartphone sales in September, its self-developed...
Tuesday 26 September 2023
Huawei building its own OS to break away from reliance on US software, said Ren Zhengfei
Huawei founder and CEO Ren Zhengfei previously stated that with the US expected to expand its sanctions, tough times are still ahead for Huawei. In response, it will focus on building...
Thursday 14 September 2023
Huawei HarmonyOS to be available for PCs
Following the release of Huawei's Mate60 Pro series of smartphones, it has been reported that its Harmony operating system (OS) will enter the PC sector in 2024.
Wednesday 29 March 2023
Intel unveils NUC 13 Pro with small form factor design
Intel has introduced the Intel NUC 13 Pro (codenamed Arena Canyon), which brings the performance of 13th Gen Intel Core processors to a 4-by-4-inch form factor.
Tuesday 15 November 2022
AliCloud commercializes China's first homegrown cloud processor
China's top cloud service provider Alibaba Cloud (AliCloud) has recently announced that its self-developed cloud-native processor Yitian 710 has entered large-scale commercial applications...
Wednesday 20 July 2022
China IC designers score points in developing homegrown CPUs
China has witnessed rapid development of homegrown CPU chips in recent years, gradually stretching from single product development to ecosystem deployments looking to break the dominance...
Friday 6 May 2022
Huawei launches new flagship foldable phone at low prices
Huawei has recently launched a new flagship foldable smartphone model, Mate Xs2, at low prices, seeking to stage a quick comeback in the handset market after being forced to retreat...
Monday 17 January 2022
China CPU maker Loongson keen to build own instruction set ecosystem
China-based CPU designer Loongson Zongke Technology has pledged to build a homegrown CPU instruction ecosystem independent of Wintel and Android-ARM, and all its products will switch...
Thursday 25 November 2021
Microsoft launches new products to challenge Chromebooks
Microsoft has recently released the new inexpensive Surface Laptop SE, priced at US$249, and Windows 11 SE, suitable for entry-level CPUs, eyeing to penetrate into the education sector,...
Monday 19 July 2021
Google, VW, Toyota keen to develop car operating systems
With software defined vehicles emerging as a new trend for the auto industry, automotive operating systems and software programs will become a new field of competition in the market,...
Tuesday 29 June 2021
Microsoft announces Windows 11 with new features and more options
Microsoft has announced Windows 11, a major upgrade to Windows 10 announced in 2015, with PC supply chain companies believing the operating system will give brand vendors more room...
Friday 23 October 2020
Acer expects replacement demand to drive notebook market growth in 2021
Replacement demand from the consumer sector, in addition to Chromebooks, will be driving the overall notebook market growth in 2021, according to Acer chairman and CEO Jason Chen.
Wednesday 14 October 2020
Global notebook shipment forecast, 2021 and beyond


Thursday 21 May 2020
Supply chain ramping up shipments for new Microsoft Surface
Microsoft has rolled out its new-generation Surface series, which will be buoying shipments at suppliers including assemblers Quanta Computer and Pegatron, chassis maker Ju Teng International...
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