Monday 13 May 2024
HBM demand surge squeezes DDR5 PMIC penetration
Suppliers of Power Management ICs (PMICs) may encounter challenges in bolstering their sales momentum for DDR5 PMICs in the coming years, due mainly to the market penetration of DDR5...
Monday 13 May 2024
Micron to invest in Mexico to diversify strategic geographic location
Micron Technology announced to invest in engineering and operation centers in Mexico on May 10 that it will hire at least 100 workers by the end of 2024.
Monday 13 May 2024
Ahead of the curve: Interview with Introspect CEO on how its innovative GDDR7 memory test system beats the market
Introspect Technology, a Canadian private company, introduced its M5512 GDDR7 Memory Test System, which is designed for testing GDDR7 memory controllers, GDDR7 physical layers, and...
Friday 10 May 2024
US to triple semiconductor manufacturing capacity by 2032, says SIA
The US will triple its domestic semiconductor manufacturing capacity from 2022—when the CHIPS and Science Act (CHIPS) was enacted—to 2032. The projected 203% growth is...
Friday 10 May 2024
Micron provides LPCAMM2 with LPDDR5X memory for new Lenovo AI workstation
Micron Technology has announced the availability of the Crucial series LPCAMM2, an innovative form factor for next-generation notebook memory that incorporates LPDDR5X mobile memory...
Thursday 9 May 2024
SK Hynix subsidiary in China reportedly to sell 49.9% stock to local business
As a subsidiary of SK Hynix, SK Hynix System IC is reportedly in the process of selling its equity in Wuxi, China. It is anticipated that in the future, SK Hynix System IC Wuxi will...
Thursday 9 May 2024
Samsung reportedly begins 1d DRAM development ahead of schedule
Samsung Electronics recently decided to form a 100-person team to invest in the research and production of 10nm seventh-generation 1d DRAM. Facing rapid catch-up from competitors...
Thursday 9 May 2024
Samsung designates separate teams for HBM3E and HBM4 development, targeting HBM market supremacy
Samsung Electronics reportedly plans to dedicate separate development teams for next-generation High Bandwidth Memory (HBM) products, HBM3E and HBM4, to strengthen its competitiveness...
Thursday 9 May 2024
The secret sauce for excellent foundry yields: perseverance, EUV, and respect for supernatural forces
Since the official shipment of the extreme ultraviolet (EUV) lithography machine in 2017, ASML has sold about 200 units of EUV equipment, critical to manufacturing advanced chips.
Thursday 9 May 2024
What's behind Samsung and SK Hynix's intense HBM competition?
Samsung Electronics and SK Hynix are locked in fierce competition in the High-Bandwidth Memory (HBM) market, with attention turning to Nvidia, the leader in Artificial Intelligence...
Thursday 9 May 2024
Adata posts profit surge in 1Q24
Memory module maker Adata Technology has reported a 17-fold surge in net earnings in the first quarter of 2024, along with record highs for its operating profits and gross margin.
Wednesday 8 May 2024
SoftBank is said in talks to buy troubled AI chip firm Graphcore
SoftBank Group Corp. is in talks to acquire Graphcore Ltd., a struggling British semiconductor startup once valued at $2.8 billion, according to people familiar with the deals.
Wednesday 8 May 2024
AI server demand fuels DRAM titans battle over HBM
The surging of AI servers has skyrocketed the demand for High-Bandwidth Memory (HBM).
Wednesday 8 May 2024
Memory IC design house AP Memory posts profit decline in 1Q24
AP Memory Technology, specializing in customized IoT RAM and other DRAM memory, saw a sequential fall in operating profits of approximately 63% in the first quarter of 2024 owing...
Tuesday 7 May 2024
Samsung said to consider Inpria's metal oxide resist for 1c DRAM process
Samsung Electronics reportedly intends to use metal oxide resist in the Extreme Ultraviolet (EUV) exposure process of new generation DRAM products. Metal oxide resist belongs to the...
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