Friday 24 May 2024
Biden moves to secure Chips Act funding for Kenya's Ruto
The US is proposing to make Kenya the first country in Africa to benefit from funding in the Chips and Science Act, according to White House officials, underscoring the countries'...
Friday 24 May 2024
Do Samsung Semiconductor's leadership issues stem from its 'return' talent appointment rule?
With Jun Young-hyun coming in as a "relief pitcher" to take over as the head of the semiconductor and Device Solutions (DS) division, the South Korean industry pointed out that there...
Friday 24 May 2024
Absolics becomes first materials firm to get US CHIPS Act subsidy
Absolics, an affiliate of South Korean chemical material firm SKC and invested by Applied Materials, signed a Preliminary Memorandum of Terms (PMT) with the US Department of Commerce...
Friday 24 May 2024
Samsung and SK Hynix increase R&D and facility investment in 1Q24
Samsung Electronics and SK Hynix's research and development expenses and facility investments for the first quarter of 2024 were higher than those in the first quarter of 2023. It...
Friday 24 May 2024
AI becomes the key to new paradigm shifts and how TSMC responds to new era
Since the turn of the century in the year 2000, the changes brought to the world by digital technology and the Internet can be roughly categorized into four phases. The first phase...
Thursday 23 May 2024
Samsung's HBM lag threatens memory chip dominance in AI Era
Despite Samsung Electronics recently appointing a new leader for its Device Solutions (DS) division that comprises memory and foundry units, the company's lag behind SK Hynix in leading...
Thursday 23 May 2024
Exploring the Synergy of Nanoelectronics, AI, and Quantum: Interview with General Chair of IEEE INEC 2025
IEEE INEC, which stands for IEEE International Nanoelectronics Conference, was initiated in 2006 when the field of nanoelectronics was emerging and will host its 2025 conference in...
Thursday 23 May 2024
Adata expects another record gross margin in 2Q24
Gains from low-cost inventory will continue to boost Adata Technology's gross margin in the second quarter, which is expected to reach another record high, according to the memory...
Wednesday 22 May 2024
Samsung sees second senior leadership shuffle amidst HBM lag, organizational restructuring imminent
In less than six months, Samsung Electronics experienced yet another notable shift in its senior leadership, coinciding with its trailing position behind SK Hynix in the HBM market...
Wednesday 22 May 2024
Generative AI at reasonable prices: Tenstorrent's strategy according to Chief CPU Architect Wei-han Lien
With Generative AI and other High-Performance Computing (HPC) demands surging, the costs for AI hardware, infrastructure, and energy consumption are also on the rise. Many companies...
Tuesday 21 May 2024
SK Hynix teams up with TSMC to accelerate rollout of customized HBM4 solutions
SK Hynix and TSMC have advanced their next-generation High-Bandwidth Memory (HBM) mass production plans.
Tuesday 21 May 2024
South Korea's semiconductor subsidy: a bid to attract SMEs
As major countries, particularly the United States, escalate their substantial subsidies for domestic semiconductor production, South Korea's industry is increasingly concerned about...
Tuesday 21 May 2024
Samsung names new semiconductor chief
Samsung Electronics has appointed company vice chairman Young Hyun Jun as the new leader of its Device Solutions (DS) division. Jun will be responsible for overseeing the company's...
Tuesday 21 May 2024
Niche memory specialists upbeat about network device upgrades
Etron Technology and other niche-market memory specialists are optimistic about the demand for network device upgrades in the second half of 2024.
Tuesday 21 May 2024
Memory module firms stockpile in anticipation of chip price rally
China- and Taiwan-based memory module houses have been actively stockpiling in anticipation of a sustained increase in chip prices, according to industry sources. The majority of...
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