Friday 15 March 2024
CCL providers compete for orders for AI servers
South Korean and Taiwanese Copper Clad Laminate (CCL) suppliers are vying for AI server orders, which are growing in demand as AI continues to sweep the globe, according to industry...
Monday 6 November 2023
Telesat's 'Lightspeed' shines in Taiwan: expanding Asian horizons with LEO satellite project
In a significant move to foster global cooperation in the field of satellite industry, Telesat embarked on a mission to Taiwan and South Korea. The Ottawa-based company is actively...
Thursday 26 October 2023
Low Earth satellite shipments drive 80% growth in 4Q 2023 for UMT
With recent satellite launches by SpaceX and OneWeb, followed by Amazon's Project Kuiper in the fourth quarter of 2024, the low Earth orbit (LEO) satellite industry has seen rapid...
Thursday 5 October 2023
'David and Goliath': satellite operators merge to compete against SpaceX
In May 2023, the approval of Viasat, an American satellite broadband service provider, acquiring the UK-based satellite communications provider Inmarsat, marked the beginning of a...
Monday 25 September 2023
5G NTN: accelerating telecom and satellite collaboration, set to launch in 2024
As satellite-based non-terrestrial networks (NTN) gain momentum on the user end, the service provider market is gradually expanding. Juniper Research estimates that NTN could yield...
Monday 18 September 2023
Three key trends in the global space industry: commercialization, low Earth orbit, and small satellites
According to the most recent data from the Satellite Industry Association (SIA) , the global space economy was estimated to be valued at US$384 billion in 2022, with the satellite...
Thursday 31 August 2023
SpaceX turns a profit: implications for low earth orbit satellite market
A major recent breakthrough in the low earth orbit(LEO) satellite sector has been the long-awaited resurgence of profitability for SpaceX in the first quarter of 2023, marking the...
Friday 26 May 2023
PCB maker Compeq expects sales recovery in 2H23
HDI PCB specialist Compeq Manufacturing expects its operations to rebound in the third quarter, boosted by a ramp-up in shipments for new mobile phone lens modules and new notebook...
Friday 12 May 2023
PCB maker Compeq optimistic about 2H23
HDI PCB specialist Compeq Manufacturing is optimistic about its sales performance in the second half of 2023, thanks to customer new product shipments kicking off and stable demand...
Monday 17 April 2023
Optical communications to help achieve 6G full network coverage
Low-earth-orbit (LEO) satellites are expected to be integrated with 6G terrestrial networks (TN), with laser communications anticipated to play a significant role in the future LEO...
Thursday 13 April 2023
Order visibility for LEO satellite products remains bright, say sources
Taiwan-based satellite antenna suppliers such as Universal Microwave Technology will see their order visibility significantly improve in 2023, buoyed by an acceleration of SpaceX'...
Wednesday 12 April 2023
Compeq to benefit from booming LEO satellite applications
PCB manufacturer Compeq Manufacturing regards sales generated from low earth orbit (LEO) satellite applications as the key growth driver this year.
Thursday 30 March 2023
Pegatron demonstrates 5G servers and technologies at Smart City Summit and Expo 2023
Pegatron, following its showcasing at MWC 2023, is displaying the latest 5G innovations including three new servers that are integrated with 5G communication, edge computing, AI,...
Wednesday 1 February 2023
UMT optimistic about LEO satellite product shipments in 2023
High-frequency microwave device maker Universal Microwave Technology (UMT) is optimistic about its prospects for 2023, buoyed by the continued growth of the global telecommunication...
Friday 7 October 2022
Pegatron, Microsoft, Wave-In launch project for advanced communication technologies
Pegatron, Microsoft Taiwan, and Taiwan-based 5G solution specialist Wave-In Communication have jointly announced a partnership project for 5G O-RAN and enterprise satellite communication...