Friday 3 May 2024
What made AMD give a conservative projection for its 2024 outlook?
AMD challenges Nvidia's dominance in the AI market with its Instinct MI300 accelerator which has been well-received by the market. However, since Nvidia's next-generation Blackwell...
Friday 2 February 2024
AMD's MI300 steals the show of AI PC processors
Although AI PC has become a hot topic the market has been following lately, AMD's AI GPUs, such as the MI300, were the center of attention during AMD's latest earnings call.
Wednesday 31 January 2024
AMD's weak forecast overshadows prospects for AI chips
Advanced Micro Devices Inc. declined in late trading after giving a weak revenue forecast, even as the chipmaker predicted that new artificial intelligence processors would generate...
Thursday 7 December 2023
AMD unveils MI300 series processors to challenge Nvidia's AI dominance
AMD, on a mission to shatter Nvidia's dominance in the AI GPU realm, has unleashed the formidable MI300 series processors.
Thursday 7 December 2023
Microsoft and others adopt new AMD AI chips for training and inference solutions
AMD's "Advancing AI" event on December 6 was attended by industry leaders such as Microsoft, Meta, Oracle, Dell Technologies, HPE, Lenovo, Supermicro, Arista, Broadcom, and Cisco...
Friday 24 November 2023
Supply chain hopes upcoming AMD MI300 GPU can challenge Nvidia's dominance
The supply chain hopes that the forthcoming AMD MI300 GPU can pose some challenge to Nvidia, preventing it from having excessive control in the AI sector, according to industry sou...
Thursday 2 November 2023
AMD: MI300 can co-exist with ASICs, GPUs in the AI chip market
AMD's MI300 can co-exist with ASICs and GPU solutions in the AI chip market, CEO Lisa Su has said recently, stressing that its latest AI chip is very powerful and gaining market traction...
Wednesday 1 November 2023
AMD expects MI300 to break sales record
AMD's latest financial results reflect a stabilizing PC market and a surging demand for AI chips. The company has also confirmed that it will deliver its MI300 series in the coming...
Thursday 28 September 2023
TSMC talks about new 3Dblox 2.0, 3DFabric achievements
At the TSMC 2023 OIP Ecosystem Forum, TSMC announced the new 3Dblox 2.0 open standard and major achievements of its Open Innovation Platform (OIP) 3DFabric Alliance. The 3Dblox 2.0...
Tuesday 22 August 2023
Advanced packaging capacity to surge 30–40% in 2024, says TrendForce
With major CSPs aggressively building AI servers and pushing up demand for AI processors and HBM memory, global advanced packaging capacity is predicted to expand by 30–40%...
Friday 4 August 2023
AMD's Lisa Su: AI production capacity has received sufficient assurance
AMD CEO Lisa Su's Asia tour in July to secure its supply chain became the focal point for analysts during the company's 2Q23 financial earnings call. In particular, discussions on...
Friday 21 July 2023
AMD's global server CPU market share tops 25%, says Lisa Su
As the market's attention is focusing on AMD's confirmation on having TSMC produce its latest Instinct MI300 series generative AI accelerator to be released in the fourth quarter...
Thursday 20 July 2023
Cloud service providers perceive AMD's AI chip as alternative to Nvidia, say sources
Large-scale cloud service providers are reportedly considering the MI300 series of AI GPUs from Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) as an alternative to GPUs from Nvidia, such as the H100,...
Friday 14 July 2023
Intel keen to address AI computing power gap in China with customized Gaudi 2 chips
It appears that Intel strategically announced the launch of its customized AI processor, Habana Gaudi 2, for the Chinese market at a press conference held July 11 in Beijing, shortly...
Monday 3 July 2023
TSMC sees robust AI chip orders from Nvidia, Broadcom, AMD through 2024
TSMC is expected to see a significant revenue rebound in the second half of the year, which will be driven by not only the launch of new iPhones but also strong demand for AI chips...
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