Thursday 25 April 2013
Solar storage market set to explode to US$19 billion in 2017, says IHS
The worldwide market for solar storage is forecast to grow rapidly to reach US$19 billion in 2017, from less than US$200 million in 2012, according to IHS.
Wednesday 10 April 2013
Digitimes Research: Solar incentive programs aim at steady growth till grid parity
In 2012, the global solar market was affected by incentive policy changes in various countries. Now such incentive programs are mostly aimed at pushing steady market growth until...
Wednesday 6 February 2013
Mainstream solar modules to become 250W due to rising demand from solar PV systems
Due to rising demand for rooftop solar PV systems, 250W solar modules with 60 solar cells are expected to become the mainstream.
Tuesday 29 January 2013
Solar industry to enjoy robust installation growth in 2013, but revenue dip poses challenges for companies, says IHS
Global solar installations will rise this year in a continuing pattern of solid growth, but the industry will nonetheless suffer a decline in overall revenue due to lower volume growth...
Wednesday 16 January 2013
Digitimes Research: Solar installations in Germany reach record high in 2012 despite continuous incentive cuts
Electricity prices in Germany continue to be high. The country has been striving for stable electricity supply in order to maintain economic growth. Therefore, developing renewable...
Tuesday 15 January 2013
Commentary: Europe solar market to see adjustments; Asia demand to rise in 2013
The solar market saw many unexpected events in 2012. Solar makers believe in 2013, the Europe market will see adjustments such as Germany installations declining to government-planned...
Monday 26 November 2012
Germany switches focus to rooftop systems in 2013
Germany may stop all incentives for ground-mounted large-size solar installations in 2013. Hence, In September, installations in Germany which were close to 1GW, more than 80% of...
Tuesday 20 November 2012
Developing innovative energy technology: Q&A with Siemens president and CEO Peter Loscher
Germany-based Siemens introduced an environmental portfolio in 2011 to help reduce gas emissions by 317 million tons. According to Peter Loscher, president and CEO of Siemens, climate...
Monday 24 September 2012
Suntech gets delisting warning from NYSE
China-based vertically integrated solar firm Suntech Power Holdings has been warned by the New York Stock Exchange of the possibility of being delisted as the firm's stock has been...
Thursday 20 September 2012
Digitimes Research: Automated robots help lower solar installation costs
In the past year, many large-size solar brands declared bankruptcy due to solar incentive cuts and high costs. Countries with high labor costs such as Germany have been developing...
Monday 10 September 2012
Onshore wind converter market to encounter turbulence, says IMS Research
In the global market for wind converters, nearly 80% of revenues in 2011 were attributed to utility-scale onshore projects, but are forecast to account for less than 70% of the total...
Thursday 16 August 2012
Germany may cut solar incentives in November
Germany is likely to cut solar incentives again in November because installations in the first half of the year exceeded the annual target of 2.5-3.5GW and reached 4.3GW. The figure...
Wednesday 8 August 2012
Lack of demand caused by solar incentive cuts in Europe, says industry source in China
Third-quarter demand in the solar market has been low, which is expected to cause more problems for Europe-based solar firms. China-based solar firms noted that low demand has been...
Monday 6 August 2012
Global solar installations increase due to government policies, says PIDA
Solar installations in 2012 will continue to be affected by government policies, according to Taiwan's Photonics Industry & Technology Development Association (PIDA).
Friday 3 August 2012
No end-of-year rush expected for Germany solar market in 2012, says IHS
A midyear subsidy change approved by the German government for solar PV installations in rooftops will continue to drive solar demand for the remainder of 2012, although no year-end...
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