Monday 5 February 2024
Germany's dream of 15 million electric vehicles is fading away
Standing at the front of the room at an auto industry association's new year reception in Berlin this week, BMW CEO Oliver Zipse had reason to feel vindicated.
Friday 2 February 2024
German EVs gain traction in China despite initial setbacks
Defying the naysayers, German electric car manufacturers have seen a promising surge in sales within the Chinese market.
Friday 2 February 2024
Why TSMC's Japan experience is good for its German fab: Q&A with DIGITIMES advisor Albert Lin
Having to overcome ramps and bumps on its internationalization journey, Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC), the world's leading pure-play foundry, is learning to act...
Friday 2 February 2024
Topco Scientific considering moving Arizona site to Texas or Mexico
Semiconductor materials supplier Topco Scientific is following in the footsteps of Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC), aiming to set up a plant site in North America,...
Wednesday 24 January 2024
Oppo phones clear for Germany return with Nokia legal settlement
Oppo has struck a cross-licensing deal with Nokia Oyj, ending a years-long dispute and allowing the Chinese smartphone major to freely sell devices in key European markets including...
Wednesday 24 January 2024
'Taiwanese Chips Act' to take effect in February, aiming to cement semiconductor leadership
While the recent US CHIPS and Science Act, European Chips Act, and Japan's subsidy plan have enticed TSMC to build wafer fabs in the US, Germany, and Japan, Taiwan has responded with...
Friday 19 January 2024
Uncertainties may disrupt German EV market
The electric vehicle (EV) landscape in Germany may see disruption in 2024 as Chinese manufacturers make inroads into the market, and reduced government subsidies put pressure on growth...
Friday 12 January 2024
EV makers cannot absorb cut German government subsidies
Following the German government's move to curtail subsidies for electric vehicles (EVs) major automakers reassured consumers by pledging to absorb the costs.
Monday 8 January 2024
EU likely to delay new ICE vehicle ban, seeing 70% gasoline cars on roads in 2040
European governments have been adjusting their EV subsidy programs. Germany abruptly terminated its incentive scheme, and France's revised subsidy rules will discourage the sales...
Wednesday 20 December 2023
Automakers commit to full EV subsidy after German government drops out
Several carmakers have decided to bear the cost of EV incentives after the German government terminated the program. Tesla, Volkswagen, Stellantis, Mercedes-Benz, and Audi all said...
Monday 18 December 2023
Germany's abrupt termination of EV subsidies will burden European carmakers
Europe's largest car-producing country has unexpectedly terminated its EV subsidy program. Germany has paid about EUR10 billion (US$10.9 billion) to encourage EV adoption. The move...
Thursday 7 December 2023
TSMC recruiting staff in Taiwan for German site
Despite recent skepticism about TSMC's plan to set up a factory in Germany in light of the country's budget crisis, the firm has stated that it has not aborted this project. Challenges...
Monday 20 November 2023
German reliance on 'special funds' highlights the challenge of sustainable investment
Following a November 15 decision from Germany's Federal Constitutional Court against the transferring of EUR60 billion - granted during the Covid-19 pandemic but unspent in fiscal...
Thursday 16 November 2023
Are German state aids for Intel and TSMC in jeopardy?
Latest ruling from Germany's constitutional court might have jeopardized the country's semiconductor subsidies policy, with the aids planned for Intel and TSMC hanging by a thread.
Wednesday 8 November 2023
Merck wins liquid crystal patent lawsuit in Germany against Chinese firm Bayi Space
German company Merck announced that the Dusseldorf District Court in Germany has ruled that Beijing Bayi Space LCD Technology (Bayi Space) has infringed on Merck's LCD mixture patent...
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