Tuesday 21 May 2024
Niche memory specialists upbeat about network device upgrades
Etron Technology and other niche-market memory specialists are optimistic about the demand for network device upgrades in the second half of 2024.
Monday 6 May 2024
UnaBiz upgrades Sigfox 0G Technology, reducing device energy consumption by up to 18X
UnaBiz, a Massive Internet of Things (IoT) service provider and integrator, announces performance evolution on Sigfox 0G technology, reducing device energy consumption by up to 18...
Monday 6 May 2024
Taiwanese optical device players seek new application horizons beyond smartphones, diverge on 'Taiwan+1' strategies
As smartphone sales plateau compared to the rapid growth seen 5-10 years ago, Taiwan's optical solutions providers, primarily serving the smartphone market, are seeking new growth...
Wednesday 17 April 2024
Samsung Device Solution head reportedly seeking closer ties with Taiwan server ODMs
Kye Hyun Kyung, head of Samsung Electronics Device Solutions (DS) division, has visited Quanta Cloud Technology (QCT) during his stay in Taiwan, with his itinerary reportedly covering...
Tuesday 16 April 2024
Lenovo, join hands to promote AI device sales
Lenovo Group, the world's largest PC manufacturer, and Chinese e-commerce giant announced their continued partnership, hoping to spur sales of the new generation of AI devices...
Wednesday 3 April 2024
Overall mobile SoC shipment forecast unknown despite promising flagship device demand
The demand for SoCs in flagship smartphones appears robust, but the total shipment forecast for SoCs is uncertain, according to industry sources.
Monday 1 April 2024
Optical device firm EZconn enjoys sales growth amid robust AI and broadband infrastructure demand
Optical device maker EZconn is seeing strong revenue and gross profit growth in the first quarter of 2024, thanks to the robust demand from broadband infrastructure construction in...
Wednesday 27 March 2024
Sporton bets on AI device sales for 2H24 growth
Inspection and certification lab Sporton International anticipates that orders for AI device applications will drive Q224 revenue growth.
Wednesday 27 March 2024
Quartz and other passive component demand promising for AI device applications
The market outlook for quartz crystal and other passive components, such as inductors and capacitors, is positive amid rapidly expanding AI device applications.
Thursday 21 March 2024
ASE expands VIPack advanced packaging solutions for AI device apps
Advanced Semiconductor Engineering (ASE), a member of ASE Technology Holding, has announced the expansion of its advanced interconnect technology on the VIPack platform. This development...
Thursday 21 March 2024
Bank of America foresees surge in GenAI demand, optimistic for AI on device
The Bank of America Research Department said that current demand for GenAI primarily stems from cloud infrastructure deployment, with market momentum driven by chip manufacturers,...
Friday 15 March 2024
Vision Pro unlikely to replace handheld devices like iPhone in the short term
Apple's Vision Pro has been in the market for around a month after its launch in early February. Some believe this device will replace the iPhone, iPad, and Mac in a few years. While...
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