Thursday 8 July 2021
TSMC dossier (1): 3 pillars to foundry's competitiveness - process technology, customer relationship and industry ecosystem
Mainstream media including Wall Street Journal and the CEO of TSMC's rival GlobalFoundries have all pointed out that having TSMC manufacture a majority of semiconductor chips...
Friday 2 July 2021
Taiwan-based makers' production in ASEAN and South Asia to extend beyond notebooks, handsets to EV
According to DIGITIMES' study on the data of publicly listed companies in the automotive and electronics industries, 95 out of the 100 largest firms are based in Japan, China, Taiwan...
Tuesday 29 June 2021
South Korea's handset industry is leading indicator of supply chain shift
In an effort to reduce costs and meet emerging markets' demand, Samsung has chosen to place two thirds of its global production capacity at 360 million phones near Hanoi, Vietnam...
Friday 25 June 2021
High ground of the supply chain: Japan and China
DIGITIMES has planned a series of special research projects, targeting the changes in the Asia market and supply chain. For the research, DIGITIMES has picked 100...
Tuesday 22 June 2021
A new world order, a new battleground
What kind of world will it be in 2030? The era of 5G with low latency, high speed and ultra-connectivity is maturing, and people are waiting for 6G that will leverage low orbit satellites...