Friday 3 September 2021
Industry research (7): Positioning strategy
Times have changed. In the past PC brands had all the say with emphasis on white-collar business opportunity. However, after the surging demand of handsets in 2000, the Chinese market...
Thursday 2 September 2021
Industry research (6): Understand your position and competitive edges
Industry analysts can encounter dramatically different ecology in different industries at different stages. But no matter what you do, defining problems matters more than solving...
Tuesday 31 August 2021
Industry research (4): Analysis is very different from analytics
Analytics is essentially different from analysis: Analysis is work that analyzes things based on historical data; analytics is a forward-looking inference from given data.
Monday 30 August 2021
Industry research (3): From news to information and infographics
Infographics refers to a visual representation of information or data. PowerPoint widely used in the last one or two decades and the availability of more affordable tools have posed...
Friday 27 August 2021
Industry research (2): Raw data is core
People who don't get used to spending time looking for information are less likely to understand the expertise and cost of organizing the primary material of raw data. Many people...
Thursday 26 August 2021
Industry research (1): The data-driven era has arrived
I have many years of experience in industry research, information integration, and making charts on my own. But as the research tools continue to evolve, everyone has his or her talents...
Friday 20 August 2021
IT industry outlook (5): TSMC under the microscope
Many ask if TSMC is a Taiwanese company. If you look at the equity structure, about three-fourths of the foundry house's shares are in the hands of foreign investors, so TSMC is not...
Thursday 19 August 2021
IT industry outlook (4): Is there any way out for China's beleaguered semiconductor industry?
The National Security Commission Artificial Intelligence (NSCAI) of the US has made recommendations on the competitive relationship between American and Chinese high-tech industries,...
Wednesday 18 August 2021
IT industry outlook (3): Intel heralds angstrom era
Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger has been maneuvering a lot lately. The tech-savvy CEO is determined to redefine technical specifications as a strategic resolution to break the deadlock in...
Tuesday 17 August 2021
IT industry outlook (2): The roles and plans of EMS firms in Asia
In addition to the rise of Chinese manufacturers in recent years, there are some EMS firms from countries in ASEAN. The amount of international news coverage on their business practices...
Monday 16 August 2021
IT industry outlook (1): Competitors of Taiwanese firms working in ASEAN and India
Since Taiwan launched its New Southbound Policy, Taiwanese enterprises seem to be working all on their own when investing in Southeast Asia and India. But who are their competitors?...
Monday 9 August 2021
Views from Taiwan (10): The structure of the server sector
With manufacturing advantages inherited from Taiwan's notebook industry, Taiwan's server shipments account for over 90% of the global server market. Server suppliers such as Wistron's...
Friday 6 August 2021
Views from Taiwan (9): Taiwanese firms as IT powerhouses
The industry community is aware that Huawei has been hoarding components so as to secure supply to sustain its production line, especially high-end parts. On top of that, China is...
Thursday 5 August 2021
Views from Taiwan (8): MediaTek becomes largest supplier of handset APs to Samsung
According to DIGITIMES Research analyst Stella Weng's study, MediaTek's application processors (AP) were used in only 8% of Samsung's handsets in 2019, but the proportion shot up...
Wednesday 4 August 2021
Views from Taiwan (7): India to cash in on China's setbacks?
As the second largest handset market next to China, India sees its suppliers mainly carrying Chinese brands. Is India facing a fundamental change in market structure? Smartphone brands...