Monday 29 January 2024
AI chip advancements fuel surge in Japanese semiconductor backend process materials
Amidst the rapid advancement in AI chip development, emerging technologies like chiplets are making semiconductor backend processes more intricate. As a result, the prices and profit...
Wednesday 10 January 2024
Encore! SK Hynix boasts reusable CMP breakthrough
SK Hynix has successfully developed a "grinding pad reuse technology" for Chemical Mechanical Planarization (CMP) processes. It is expected to be introduced to the production line...
Tuesday 5 December 2023
Fuso Chemical set to expand CMP slurry production by 50% amid market growth
Japan-based Fuso Chemical, the global leader in semiconductor CMP slurries with a 90% market share, is set to invest JPY 50 billion (US$350 million) in a significant production expansion...
Thursday 13 July 2023
TSMC fab expansion in Taiwan critical for preserving supply chain advantage
The continuous expansion of TSMC's fab in Taiwan, home to the world's largest pure-play foundry, is essential for preserving the country's supply chain advantages, according to industry...
Friday 2 June 2023
Fujifilm set to expand production of advanced semiconductor materials in Taiwan
Japan's Fujifilm Holdings has disclosed plans to invest NT$3.38 billion (US$110 million) to bolster production of chemical mechanical planarization (CMP) slurry and lithography-related...
Tuesday 6 September 2022
Topco Scientific eyeing 3rd-gen semiconductor business
Topco Scientific, which mainly distributes photoresist, silicon wafers and CMP slurry products to foundry houses, is looking to actively develop its third-generation semiconductor...
Wednesday 10 August 2022
Silicon wafer, leadframe demand remains strong
Market demand for silicon wafers, IC packaging leadframes, and other related process materials remains strong, and chipmaking materials distributors including Topco Scientific, Wah...
Wednesday 10 November 2021
Semiconductor material distributors remain upbeat about demand
Despite a recent cutback in demand for large-size display driver ICs, Taiwan-based IC material distributors remain upbeat about the overall demand that will buoy their sales performance...
Tuesday 22 June 2021
Slowdown in cryptomining to constrain graphics card makers' profitability in 2H21
Graphics card makers may see their profit growth constrained by a slowdown in cryptomining demand in the second half of 2021, as China steps up its crackdown on cryptocurrency, according...
Tuesday 15 June 2021
IC materials distributors upbeat about sales in 3Q21
Taiwan's semiconductor materials distributors including Topco Scientific, Wah Lee Industrial, Topco Technologies, and Chang Wah Electromaterials are all upbeat about their sales in...
Thursday 10 June 2021
Power Logic expects strong shipments for graphics cards in 2021
Cooling fan maker Power Logic has expressed optimism about its shipments for graphics cards particularly those for high-end ones this year, thanks to the availability of new-generation...
Wednesday 24 February 2021
Mobo and graphics card makers to embrace strong 1H21
Taiwan-based motherboard and graphics card makers are poised to enjoy a particularly strong first half of 2021, as demand propelled by coronavirus-induced stay-at-home activities...
Tuesday 12 January 2021
IC materials distributors see clear order visibility through 1H21
Semiconductor equipment and materials distributors including Wah Lee Industrial and Niching Industrial have seen clear order visibility for specialty chemicals, equipment components,...
Wednesday 11 November 2020
IC materials distributors optimistic about 4Q20
Thanks to high capacity utilization at foundry and backend houses, IC materials distributors including Topco Scientific, Wah Lee Industrial and Niching Industrial are all optimistic...
Wednesday 1 April 2020
Global semiconductor materials market slips 1% in 2019, says SEMI
Global semiconductor materials market revenue edged down 1.1% in 2019, according to SEMI.