Monday 24 June 2024
Avnet empowers Taiwan's ODMs to cut into global automotive electronics supply chain amid challenges
The US-based Avnet, a distributor of IC products and electronics components, is supporting Taiwan's Original Design Manufacturers (ODMs) in venturing into the global automotive market...
Friday 15 September 2023
WT Micro to acquire Future Electronics for US$3.8 billion
Taiwanese IC distributor WT Microelectronics has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire all of Future Electronics' shares in an all-cash transaction valued at US$3.8 billion,...
Thursday 14 September 2023
Tech industry key conversation (part 2): DIGITIMES founder Colley Hwang vs. Avnet CEO Phil Gallagher
In Part 1, Gallagher mentioned that it will take two to three quarters to address the supply chain inventory issues. However,...
Tuesday 12 September 2023
Tech industry key conversation (Part 1): DIGITIMES founder Colley Hwang vs. Avnet CEO Phil Gallagher
In 2023, the world went through a "major shortage" in the semiconductor industry chain. However, though the economic situation quickly corrected, uncertainties such as inflation and...
Friday 3 February 2023
Avnet expects U-shaped semiconductor recovery
The semiconductor market is expected to experience U-shaped recovery, according to Prince Yun, president of Asia Pacific at Avnet, an international IC distributor.
Friday 13 January 2023
Automotive-grade MPU market expected to reach US$8 billion in 2025, says Avnet
Cars require more microcontrollers (MCUs) and microprocessors (MPUs) as they become smarter and more connected, according to Avnet Taiwan, adding that the trend will continue driving...
Thursday 12 January 2023
Taiwan semiconductor talents favored by international IDMs, IC distributors
Taiwan's semiconductor professionals are highly relied on by international IDMs and IC distributors as a result of their advantages such as excellent system design capability, quick...
Tuesday 6 September 2022
Supply chain restructuring and resilience
In "The New Critical Era of Supply Chains Restructuring and Resilience Strengthening" forum hosted recently by DIGITIMES Asia, experts from IC distributors - WPG Holdings' chief marketing...
Monday 21 September 2020
Opportunities amid macro uncertainty: Q&A with Avnet Asia-Pacific president Prince Yun
The coronavirus pandemic, coupled with the escalating US-China trade war, have prompted businesses to revise their roadmaps and goals for 2020. Disruptions brought by the pandemic...
Friday 18 September 2020
Taiwan IC distributors to step up deployments in India
With system vendors and contract manufacturers relocating part of their production to India, Taiwan-based IC distributors are encouraged to step up their deployments in the region,...
Friday 14 August 2020
Dialog announces compatibility of octal SPI NOR flash with Renesas MPU
Dialog Semiconductor has announced that its EcoXiP octal xSPI non-volatile memory (NVM), which was added to Dialog's portfolio through its recent acquisition of Adesto Technologies,...
Tuesday 8 October 2019
WPG, WT Micro to discontinue sale of TI products
Taiwan-based IC distributors WPG Holdings and WT Microelectronics have disclosed that they will discontinue their Texas Instruments (TI) chip and component offerings starting from...
Tuesday 29 May 2018
India smartphone market starts taking off in 2018: Q&A with Prince Yun, Avnet president for Taiwan and South Asia
Many new opportunities and challenges are emerging for the global electronics industries amid the trade spats between the US and China, and it is important that Taiwan's electronics...
Wednesday 18 April 2018
Avnet Sigfox Conference 2018 to showcase end-to-end enterprise solutions for IoT and smart city applications
Avnet Asia Pacific will host the Avnet Sigfox Conference 2018 at the Hong Kong Science Technology Park on April 19. The conference will showcase Avnet's enterprise solutions using...
Wednesday 28 March 2018
Shaping a new concept of distributorship: An interview with Frederick Fu, president of Avnet Asia Pacific
The global semiconductor industry posted its highest-ever annual sales in 2017. With major technology players all wanting a slice of the Asia Pacific market, the strategies and operations...