Friday 22 September 2023
AI GPU demand remains strong, says AWS
AI GPU demand remains strong and the chip shortage has yet to have a significant impact on Amazon Web Services (AWS), according to Robert Wang, managing director of AWS in Taiwan...
Wednesday 20 September 2023
Inspur announces investment in chip firm Yunsilicon
Chinese server vendor Inspur has announced its investment in Shanghai Yunsilicon Technology, a startup that develops and innovates cloud datacenter ASIC products.
Friday 15 September 2023
NEUCHIPS: Becoming a prominent provider of AI accelerators and a key player in the AI ASIC market
The defeat of the world go champion by artificial intelligence (AI) program AlphaGo took the world by surprise. Since then, AI applications have expanded and concordantly large-scale...
Tuesday 22 August 2023
Is AI server bandwagon loaded with hitchhikers?
The AI server frenzy remains unabated, allowing more and more related supply chain players to emerge. But amid the numerous companies claiming to be associated with AI servers, the...
Monday 21 August 2023
Alchip raises revenue outlook for 2023
Taiwan-based Alchip Technologies, dedicated to supplying ASICs, has raised its revenue forecast for 2023 from US$800 million to between US$900 million and US$950 million.
Monday 31 July 2023
MediaTek predicts bounceback for smartphones; AI and automotive progress receives attention
MediaTek CEO Rick Tsai clearly set the tone at the earnings call, stating that automotive electronics and AI will be the two areas that will receive total resource investments and...
Tuesday 25 July 2023
Is ASIC a stepping stone or an opportunity in the latest AI wave?
The recent AI chip frenzy has not only skyrocketed Nvidia's popularity, but also led to a surge in demand for self-developed AI chips from various cloud and networking giants, making...
Thursday 20 July 2023
MicroBT launches cryptomining machines with 3nm ASIC
MicroBT has released its 3nm ASIC miners, but supply is limited probably due to insufficient yield rates at its IC foundry partner, according to industry sources.
Thursday 20 July 2023
System vendors seeking collaboration with ASIC design companies
System device vendors are pursuing collaboration with ASIC design companies in anticipation of a surge in chip demand for artificial intelligence (AI) servers and related edge device...
Wednesday 19 July 2023
Network IC and custom ASIC demand promising
The outlook for network IC and custom ASIC demand is promising, thanks to advancements in 5G, AIoT, and Wi-Fi technologies, according to sources at backend houses.
Tuesday 18 July 2023
TechInsights: Samsung's 3nm GAA process identified in a crypto-mining ASIC designed by China startup MicroBT
Semiconductor industry research firm TechInsights said it has found that Samsung's 3nm GAA (gate-all-around) process has been incorporated into the crypto miner ASIC (Whatsminer...
Friday 14 July 2023
Intel keen to address AI computing power gap in China with customized Gaudi 2 chips
It appears that Intel strategically announced the launch of its customized AI processor, Habana Gaudi 2, for the Chinese market at a press conference held July 11 in Beijing, shortly...
Thursday 6 July 2023
Taiwan IC design houses eye network ASIC opportunities
Taiwan-based network IC manufacturers will likely step up efforts to pursue orders for network ASICs as the increasing adoption of generative AI applications has made the segment...
Monday 3 July 2023
TSMC sees robust AI chip orders from Nvidia, Broadcom, AMD through 2024
TSMC is expected to see a significant revenue rebound in the second half of the year, which will be driven by not only the launch of new iPhones but also strong demand for AI chips...
Monday 12 June 2023
Alchip reiterates close collaboration with US clients
Taiwan-based Alchip Technologies, dedicated to supplying ASICs, has reiterated its close collaboration with significant North American clients, which will become evident in the third...