Monday 1 April 2024
AI will help OSAT players turn the corner, but what about electricity price hikes?
As we enter the second quarter, AI remains a focal point in the market. Nvidia, AMD, and Intel have successively released high-end chips, and with the gradual recovery of consumer...
Monday 25 March 2024
IC packaging and testing suppliers coping with electricity price hike
The Taiwanese government decided to raise electricity prices by an average of about 10% starting in April, with industrial electricity prices up by nearly 14%, the third consecutive...
Thursday 21 March 2024
ASE expands VIPack advanced packaging solutions for AI device apps
Advanced Semiconductor Engineering (ASE), a member of ASE Technology Holding, has announced the expansion of its advanced interconnect technology on the VIPack platform. This development...
Thursday 21 March 2024
ASEH acquires land for new factory site in Mexico
Taiwanese OSAT ASE Technology Holding (ASEH) has acquired 37,220 square meters of land in Jalisco, Mexico.
Thursday 14 March 2024
OSAT ASEH positive on 2H24 operations propelled by AI
OSAT company ASE Technology Holding (ASEH) expects inventory adjustments at clients to conclude in the first half of 2024, followed by an AI-driven comeback in operations in the second...
Tuesday 5 March 2024
Greening the supply chain: Apple and ASE Holdings lead the charge to carbon neutrality
In the past decade, environmentally friendly corporate practices have become such a norm, that electronic manufacturing supply chains reducing carbon emissions to align with global...
Tuesday 27 February 2024
Back-end houses divided on whether to build Japanese facilities like TSMC
According to industry sources in Taiwan, IC back-end houses are divided as to whether they will establish facilities in Japan similar to Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company...
Monday 26 February 2024
ASEH, JCET stepping up automotive IC backend deployments
Following ASE Technology Holding announced the acquisition of Infineon's automotive packaging and testing plants in South Korea and the Philippines on February 22, China's Jiangsu...
Monday 26 February 2024
ASE expands overseas production with acquisition of Infineon's backend plants in Philippines and South Korea
Taiwanese OSAT leader Advanced Semiconductor Engineering (ASE) has recently announced its plan to bolster overseas production by acquiring Infineon's backend assembly and testing...
Wednesday 21 February 2024
AI to boost advanced packaging demand
The AI surge is anticipated to substantially boost demand for advanced packaging, which is already in short supply, according to sources at backend houses.
Friday 2 February 2024
OSAT ASEH to boost advanced packaging capability
ASE Technology Holding (ASEH) will be stepping up its advanced packaging and testing capabilities in the second half of 2024, when a new cycle begins after the completion of inventory...
Friday 2 February 2024
IC materials distributors gear up for advanced packaging materials demand as customer inventory adjustments end
According to industry sources, IC material distributors anticipate customer inventory adjustments will end in the first half of 2024, with AI expected to accelerate growth in the...
Wednesday 24 January 2024
ASEH, JCET gearing up for AI biz opportunities
OSATs ASE Holdings (ASEH) and Jiangsu Changjiang Electronics Technology (JCET) are both looking to capitalize on the AI market potential.
Wednesday 24 January 2024
Backend houses choose Malaysia as new hub for factory expansion
As geopolitical concerns rise, many backend companies have chosen Malaysia as a new base for plant expansions, according to industry sources.
Tuesday 23 January 2024
TSMC, ASEH gearing up to expand advanced packaging capacity
With TSMC and ASE Holdings (ASEH) gearing up to build additional fab capacities for advanced packaging, relevant supply chain participants are optimistic about growth driven by their...
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