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Information about accelerators and incubators from Taiwan and around the world that are mentoring startup businesses and teams. All mentors are welcome to register their info - free of charge.

  • LUCIMA is an investment company specializing in primary venture capital markets (US and Asia equities). Our venture investments span various industries including but not limited to Healthcare, Telecommunications and Media, Technology, Green Energy, SaaS and AI. We also explore investments in diverse asset classes such as art because of our unique background and experiences.

  • InnoSquare provides assistance by offering a site for entrepreneurship, talent cultivation, technical assistance, and startup funding matching.

    Categories: Manufacturing、Medical、Hardware、Energy、Communications、Transporation、Information security、E-commerce、Social media、Media、Finance、Real estate、Education、Sports、Entertainment、Tourism、Retail、Gaming、Agriculture、5G、Blockchain、3D printing、AI、IoT、AR/VR/MR、Data analytics、Cloud computing、APP

  • Wise Ocean is a distributed advisory team in the US and Asia with a global network to connect proven startups/scaleups, industry experts, corporate partners, strategic ecosystem partners, and investors for open innovation. 

    Categories: Medical、Software、Hardware、Energy、Communications、Transporation、Information security、Media、Logistics、Education、Agriculture、5G、Blockchain、AI、IoT、AR/VR/MR、Data analytics、Cloud computing、Robotics、Autonmous driving、Drone、Biometircs、Edge computing、EV、Wearables、Semiconductor、Manufacturing

    Founder: Jessie Chuang
  • Established in 1993, Sunsino manages venture funds around US$160M from the private sector and Taiwan government collectively and invests mainly in seed-round, A-round & B-round in companies with technology disruption or business model innovation. In the past few years, there have been 2 NASDAQ IPO, 3 Taiwan IPO, and 3 overseas M&A exits.

    Categories: Semiconductor、Manufacturing、Medical、Software、Energy、Communications、Transporation、Information security、E-commerce、Media、Finance、Logistics、Education、Entertainment、Tourism、Food、Retail、Agriculture、5G、3D printing、AI、IoT、AR/VR/MR、Data analytics、Cloud computing、Robotics、Autonmous driving、APP、Edge computing、EV、Wearables

  • Startup101 is a fundraising matchmaking platform that reduces information asymmetries and enables startups and investors to enjoy a transparent information system. Startup101 not only allows startups to better understand investor profiles but also allows investors to quickly and accurately identify potential investment targets. Startup101 makes the startup ecosystem more dynamic, accelerates the flow of capital, and cr[digi]eates a win-win situation for both fundraisers and investors.

    Categories: Manufacturing、Medical、Software、Energy、Communications、Transporation、Information security、E-commerce、Media、Finance、Logistics、Education、Entertainment、Tourism、Food、Retail、Agriculture、5G、3D printing、AI、IoT、AR/VR/MR、Data analytics、Cloud computing、Robotics、Autonmous driving、APP、Edge computing、EV、Wearables、Semiconductor

  • Silicon Incubator is Silicon Valley's only incubator that owns a wafer fabrication facility and is focused on development of new semiconductor products and technologies. Silicon Incubator clients are startup companies that need an environment other than office space or universities laboratories where to build a hands on experienced team while developing products and technologies that are not readily available from TSMC, TI, ON Semi, Soitec, Bosch, Cirrus Logic, Arm, ST Micro etc.

    Categories: 5G、IoT、EV、Semiconductor、Manufacturing

    Founder: HTE LABS
  • Smart Capital started the “Smart Capital Accelerator” program in 2019 and has worked with more than 20 startups in the program so far. Smart Capital also eventually invested in more than 10 of them. In 2021, we are continuing this tradition with our 2021 Smart Capital Accelerator, where we seek to collaborate with outstanding startups in angel or pre-A rounds of funding. The accelerator program first connects the startup team to our specialist consultant in the relevant industry, and the specialist...

  • To refashion the fitness industry with a military twist, simultaneously building self-sustaining, social networks for our community, for [the] good life.” This is ELXR’s vision.

    Categories: Software、E-commerce、Sports、AI、IoT、Data analytics、APP、Wearables

    Founder: Steffan Fung
  • Taiwan Tech Arena (TTA) is a startup ecosystem building program sponsored by the Ministry of Science and Technology of Taiwan (MoST). The platform closely works with 150+ Taiwanese/global startups annually and coordinates acceleration resources supported by partners, including VCs, accelerators, corporates, and research institutes worldwide. TTA is committed to building Taiwan an ideal environment for international startups and ventures to spark innovation and establish a business presence in Asia-Pacific...

    Categories: Medical、Software、Hardware、Energy、Communications、Transporation、Information security、E-commerce、Social media、Media、Finance、Insurance、Real estate、Logistics、Education、Sports、Entertainment、Tourism、Food、Retail、Gaming、Agriculture、5G、Blockchain、3D printing、AI、IoT、AR/VR/MR、Data analytics、Cloud computing、Robotics、IoV、Autonmous driving、APP、Drone、Biometircs、Voice systems、Edge computing、EV、Wearables、Semiconductor、Manufacturing

    Founder: Ministry of Science and Technology
  • The goal of BEST office is to plan and promote Taiwan Biomedical Industry Innovation Ecosystem.

    Categories: Medical、[其它]Biotechnology、Biomedical、Wearables

  • 【IoT Service Hub helps you accelerate the manufacturing process of IoT-based products.】

    Categories: Hardware、IoT

  • As a member firm of the PwC Global Alliance in Taiwan, our mission is to

    Categories: [其它]Innovation Driven Enterprise、[其它]No specific industry acquire


  • Categories: [其它]Accelerator / VC、[其它]consultancy

  • The British Office in Taipei aims to develop relations between the UK and Taiwan. We promote a wide range of areas of collaboration between Taiwan and the UK, including trade, investment, Science & Innovation and people to people links. We also provide assistance to British nationals in Taiwan.

    Categories: Hardware、Energy、Finance、5G、Blockchain、AI、IoT、Data analytics、Cloud computing、Robotics、Voice systems、Wearables、Medical、Software

  • From IP to IPO Program (FITI) is supported by the Ministry of Science and Technology, Taiwan and implemented by STPI of National Applied Research Laboratories (NAR-Labs), Taiwan.

    Categories: Semiconductor、Manufacturing、Medical、Software、Hardware、Energy、Information security、E-commerce、Social media、Finance、Insurance、Logistics、Education、Sports、Tourism、Food、Retail、Agriculture、5G、Blockchain、AI、IoT、Data analytics、Cloud computing、Robotics、Biometircs、Voice systems、Edge computing、Wearables、[其它]Medical Device

    Founder: MOST/ STPI
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