Monday 25 March 2024
Maruti Suzuki invests in AI startup Amlgo Labs
Maruti Suzuki India Limited has revealed its investment of over INR19.9 million in Amlgo Labs Private Limited.
Monday 25 March 2024
Intel partners with Arm to power startups
Intel and Arm have signed a memorandum of understanding that finalizes the Emerging Business Initiative, their collaboration to support the startup community.
Thursday 21 March 2024
India's EV industry threatens explosive growth
India is set to become an EV maker's Klondike.
Wednesday 20 March 2024
Inflection AI plans pivot after most employees go to Microsoft
Artificial intelligence startup Inflection AI said it's planning to license its technology to Microsoft Corp., part of a shift for the startup toward working with business customers...
Wednesday 20 March 2024
Micro LED's 5 challenges in mass production: Q&A with VueReal CEO Reza Chaji
Apple Inc.'s recent decision to give up a Micro LED smartphone collaboration with ams OSRAM forced the latter to sell its new factory in Malaysia to deal with the strategic change...
Tuesday 19 March 2024
GIS joins Micro LED AR development camp through collaboration with Micro LED startup Porotech
Micro LED startup Porotech has added another strategic partner to its portfolio, launching a collaboration with touch panel manufacturer GIS, a subsidiary of the Foxconn Group.
Monday 18 March 2024
How this Indian robotic startup adds 'human instincts' to robotic arms
Robotic arms have been a part of various industries for quite some time now. However, most of them still cannot work independently, having to be spoon-fed each process separately...
Thursday 14 March 2024
India accelerates AI push: new regulations impact global tech giants, spurs local startup growth
India has announced several AI policies in just a few days, indicating its urgent pursuit of AI. While multinational companies have opportunities to seize infrastructure business...
Wednesday 13 March 2024
Silicon Catalyst partners with Arm to launch the Arm Flexible Access for Startups Contest
Silicon Catalyst, the world's only incubator focused exclusively on accelerating semiconductor solutions, announced it is partnering with Arm on the Arm Flexible Access for Startups...
Monday 11 March 2024
India launches AI Mission to foster local ecosystem
The Indian government approved the INR103.7192 billion AI Mission to foster India's Artificial Intelligence (AI) ecosystem and catch up with leading countries in AI.
Friday 8 March 2024
Amazon and Google-backed AI startup Anthropic claims newly released chatbot Claude 3 outperforms GPT-4 and Gemini Ultra
On March 4, Anthropic, an AI startup backed by Amazon and Google, launched its latest chatbot, Claude 3.
Monday 4 March 2024
D-Matrix eyes India as a crucial market, aims for 30% workforce share
AI chip startup d-Matrix has revealed plans to expand its presence in India, highlighting India's significance as an R&D hub and a key market. The company aims to boost its Indian...
Friday 1 March 2024
French startup Mistral AI attracts big cloud players amid growing demand for diverse models
In a move highlighting the market's increasingly diversified demand for AI models, Microsoft recently announced its collaboration with Mistral AI, following in the footsteps of Google...
Thursday 29 February 2024
Taiwan's venture capital sector faces challenges as Singapore and Japan surge ahead
In Taiwan, the venture capital scene has reached a significant milestone, marking its 40th year of development. Despite Taiwan's impressive track record in the technology sector,...
Thursday 22 February 2024
Disney leans on AI in latest class of startup investments
Walt Disney Co. chose three companies working on artificial intelligence to be among the five picked for its annual business incubator program.