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Yen Ting Chen, Taipei; Emily Chuang, DIGITIMES Asia
Thursday 27 September 2007
  • Posted on Oct 10, 07:56

    I'm giving it one more delay before I skip on the Eee PC and get a good deal on a notebook on black Friday.
  • Posted on Oct 2, 09:51

    Who sees people sleeping in front of Electronics stores Thanksgiving night to get one of these for Christmas? The secret to success in marketing: timing, timing, timing.
  • Posted on Sep 29, 16:49

    Nobody said we must buy this ...........!
    Sure it will come on the market the year 2009 ;-)
  • Posted on Sep 29, 03:47

    I think we've all been punked by Asus. Where's the secret camera?
  • Posted on Sep 28, 18:50

    How are they going to sell 200,000 - 300,00 units in 2 months?

    It was first announced to release in July-August (USA Asus website). They must be kidding with these delays. A lot of time waiting and a price higher than was announced...
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