MediaTek showcases AI and wireless innovations at Computex 2024

Jay Liu, Taipei; Vyra Wu, DIGITIMES Asia 0


At Computex 2024, MediaTek placed a spotlight on Generative AI (GenAI) and wireless connectivity, unveiling their comprehensive suite of current products. The lineup includes mobile SoCs, smart home devices, Chromebooks and tablets, 5G CPE, satellite communication, and Wi-Fi solutions.

Central to the showcase was MediaTek's DaVinci Platform, now presented as a smart assistant service. In addition, MediaTek introduced Breezper, a large language model from their innovation lab, underscoring their robust capabilities in GenAI.

The flagship Dimensity 9300 chip, equipped with MediaTek's 7th generation NPU, a complete toolchain, memory hardware compression, and LoRA technology, enables developers to swiftly and efficiently create multimodal GenAI applications for mobile phones and tablets. Live demonstrations included real-time character generation on flagship smartphones, object and background removal in photos, document summarization, and music composition.

In the automotive sector, MediaTek showcased its 3nm smart cockpit SoC, which integrates a high-performance APU capable of executing large language models, providing various real-time edge GenAI applications.

Collaborating with Sensory's voice input algorithms and MediaTek DaVinci's smart driving assistant, the platform offers numerous services through natural voice interactions. These include real-time navigation, traffic updates, voice-controlled music playback, vehicle health checks, and automatic emergency assistance.

The MediaTek DaVinci smart assistant is designed to help users perform complex tasks, interact with others to complete tasks and enhance productivity and efficiency. Acting as a smart steward, it integrates with various MediaTek-supported terminal devices, offering comprehensive environmental awareness through smart IoT integration, enabling seamless collaboration between devices, and fostering a new intelligent lifestyle.

In the wireless connectivity arena, MediaTek highlighted the 5G RedCap RFSoC platform T300, designed for IoT products requiring high connectivity efficiency, long battery life, and compact space. Customers are currently testing this platform, with plans to introduce it into wearable devices by 2025.

Moreover, MediaTek demonstrated the 5G-Advanced NR-NTN Ku-band satellite broadband streaming experience. Using robotic arms to simulate low-Earth orbit satellite flight, along with Rohde & Schwarz's low-Earth orbit satellite channel solutions and ITRI's NR NTN test base stations, MediaTek offers broadband data transmission services for vehicles and various terminal devices.