Driven by AI, Foxconn looks to set new sales record in 2025

Ninelu Tu, Taipei, DIGITIMES Asia 0


Foxconn has held a shareholders' meeting on May 31. Chairman Young Liu expressed optimism about the overall development of the AI market, stating that the revenue from the AI server business will soon surpass the trillion New Taiwan Dollar (NTD) mark. Subsequently, Liu expected that the AI server business will exceed the trillion NTD mark in 2025, which will also drive Foxconn's overall revenue to surpass NT$7 trillion.

Regarding the AI industry, Liu stated that it is still in the early stage of rapid growth. Some research institutions predict that the AI industry will exceed one trillion US dollars in the next 7 to 8 years, with hardware accounting for over 50%. This will also be one of the main driving forces for Foxconn's future growth.

Due to the strong demand for AI servers in the current market, Foxconn's AI server revenue growth in 2024 will exceed 40%. The revenue contribution from the overall server business will also increase from over 30% in 2023 to over 40%.