India roundup: Pixel smartphones to be made in India

Jingyue Hsiao, DIGITIMES Asia, Taipei 0

Credit: AFP

Google plans to partner with Foxconn and Dixon Technologies to make Pixel smartphones in India. India's local companies continue to foray into the chipmaking business.

Google to make Pixel smartphones in India

A day after the Economic Times reported that Padget, a subsidiary of Dixon Technologies, will start producing Pixel 8 smartphones in September, multiple reports indicated that Foxconn would also make Pixel smartphones in Tamil Nadu.

Renesas targets significant growth in Indian market

Renesas Electronics highlighted the importance of the Indian market, aiming to boost its revenue share from India from the current 5% to between 10% and 15% by 2030.

Kaynes Tech expects OSAT business to begin operation in two years

Amid the investment hype among India-based companies in the semiconductor field, Kaynes Technologies said its OSAT project witnessed delays due to the ongoing elections in India, with initial production planned for one or two years from now.

India-based SaaS provider Zoho reportedly looking to foray into chipmaking

Zoho is exploring a venture into chip manufacturing and is seeking government incentives. The proposed investment for this project is approximately US$700 million. Zoho aims to manufacture compound semiconductors and has identified a tech partner for assistance.

Indian solar company gradually reducing China dependence

In an interview with DIGITIMES Asia, India-based solar energy company Orb Energy said it had reduced its reliance on Chinese components by over 20% in recent years, in line with the general trend of diversifying supply chains.

Airtel and Google Cloud forge landmark partnership for cloud and AI services in India

India's second-largest telco, Airtel, recently announced a long-term partnership with Google Cloud. The collaboration is expected to offer cloud services and Generative AI (GenAI) products for Indian businesses.