India roundup: Sharp reportedly in talks to set up display plant in India

Jingyue Hsiao, DIGITIMES Asia, Taipei 0

Credit: AFP

Sharp, which is talking with Indian central and state governments, may become the first foreign firm to set up a display fab in India. Tata is progressing on its way to being a national electronics champion in India.

Sharp reportedly plans to set up display fab in India

According to the Times of India and CNBC-TV18, respective sources told the news outlets that Japan-based Sharp held talks with the Ministry of Electronics and IT of India, looking to invest US$3-5 billion to set up a display fab in India.

Tata Electronics to visit PSMC by end of May

Sources told DIGITIMES that Tata Electronics representatives are scheduled to visit Taiwan by the end of May. Their itinerary includes participating in the India-Taiwan Semiconductor Summit, hosted by SEMI in Taiwan, and visiting PSMC's facilities.

Tata reportedly developing in-house CNC tools for iPhone casing

The Economic Times quoted sources as saying that Tata Electronics, which joined the ranks of Apple suppliers in recent years, is now internally developing sophisticated and highly precise CNC tools essential for manufacturing these iPhone casings.

India reportedly to launch refreshed chip incentive package

The Times of India, citing senior officials in the Indian government, said that India is considering launching a new multi-billion-dollar incentive package for semiconductor companies. This move comes as the previous Rs 760 billion plan, introduced in December 2021, is nearing exhaustion.

Micron expects to ship made-in-India chips in 1H25

Anand Ramamoorthy, Micron India's managing director, told Mint in an interview that Micron expects to start shipping chips manufactured in India in the first half of 2025. The planned date is later than the estimated initial late 2024 or early 2025 timeframe.

Vedanta stays committed to semiconductor and dispaly ventures, sparking speculation on intent

Despite setbacks, particularly the breakup with Foxconn, the debt-laden Vedanta Group is still keen on semiconductor and display forays, which was seen as a strategy to deal with the group's financial stress. The prospect of Vedanta's display fab proposal with Innolux remains to be seen.