Lenovo teams up with Alibaba for AI PC series, emphasizes deployment as key

Ollie Chang, Taipei; Jerry Chen, DIGITIMES Asia 0

Credit: Lenovo

Lenovo has unveiled its AI PC series, including the Yoga Book 9i, which features an AI agent named "Xiao Tian" powered by Alibaba's Tongyi Qianwen model.

Chairman and CEO Yuanqing Yang stated that the development of AI has entered the second half, shifting focus from pursuing technical breakthroughs to practical applications.

Yang said during Lenovo Tech World held in Shanghai, China on April 18th that "deployment" is the keyword for AI development at this stage. He believes the company's AI PC lineup and solution jointly developed with Alibaba best exemplified that.

Consumer-friendly AI

According to reports from the South China Morning Post, Yang emphasized the importance of gathering user feedback from practical applications to drive continuous improvement and innovation. Lenovo's approach to AI deployment encompasses smart devices, infrastructure, and solutions, with AI-equipped PCs and smartphones serving as the most direct means for consumers to experience AI.

Furthermore, in mid-April, Lenovo signed a cooperation agreement with Chinese e-commerce giant The agreement is aimed at boosting AI device sales in China, targeting a sales revenue of RMB 120 billion (US$16.6 billion) between 2024 and 2026.

In addition to attracting general consumers, Lenovo is also targeting professional users. In March, Lenovo launched the new server series ThinkSystem and workstation series ThinkStation equipped with Nvidia GPUs and software, catering to industrial users, scientists, and developers.

According to market research firm IDC, AI PC shipments are expected to increase in 2024, with AI PCs transitioning from niche to mainstream in the coming years, projected to constitute approximately 60% of global PC shipments by 2027. Gartner predicts that AI PCs will account for 22% of global PC shipments in 2024.