SiFive unveils the HiFive Premier P550 RISC-V development board

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At Embedded World on April 9, SiFive, Inc., the pioneer and leader of RISC-V computing, unveiled its new state-of-the-art RISC-V development board, the HiFive Premier P550.

HiFive Premier P550 is the highest-performance RISC-V development board on the market, offering developers unmatched flexibility and performance, according to a SiFive press release.

The board will be available for large-scale deployment through Arrow Electronics so developers around the world can test and develop new RISC-V applications that use AI and other cutting-edge technologies across different market segments.

With a quad-core SiFive Performance™ P550 processor, the HiFive Premier P550 is the highest-performance RISC-V development board in the industry, and the latest in the popular HiFive family.

Designed to meet the computing needs of modern workloads, the out-of-order P550 core delivers superior compute density and performance in an energy-efficient area footprint. Furthermore, the modular design of the HiFive Premier P550, which includes a replaceable system-on-module (SOM) board, gives developers the flexibility they need to tailor their designs.

"The popularity of our development boards underscores the growth and maturity of the RISC-V ecosystem," said Patrick Little, CEO and Chairman at SiFive. "The HiFive board has always been the 'golden reference' RISC-V development platform. Building on this proven foundation with the new HiFive Premier P550, developers can take advantage of SiFive's high-performance IP in a cost-efficient platform that will be available in volume, opening up unlimited possibilities for RISC-V innovation in AI applications and beyond."

SiFive is collaborating with Canonical to ensure that developers can smoothly run Ubuntu on the HiFive Premier P550. Ubuntu, backed by Canonical, provides a commercial-grade Linux distribution that is also free to use by innovators and developers. Developers know that they can rely on Ubuntu's stable and secure platform and get access to bug fixes and security updates for many years.

Technical Features

The Eswin EIC7700 SoC found on the board features a high-performance 64-bit three-issue, out-of-order, SiFive RISC-V P550 core complex configured with four P550 cores, 256KB L2 cache and 4MB L3 cache. The SoC features a 2D/3D GPU, hardware video encoder/decoder, NPU, DSP, MIPI DSI, a security subsystem, an integrated high-speed DDR5 memory controller, root complex PCI Express Gen 3 x4, and standard peripherals.

Other features include:

16GB of 64-bit DDR5-6400 memory, 128 GB of eMMC memory for fast boot high-speed interconnects with PCI Express Gen3 x4 via a PCIe x16 slot 5 USB 3.2 Gen 1 ports for peripheral connectivity Software support with Freedom U-SDK, including Linux Replaceable SOM for flexibility in design

SiFive's lineup of development boards also includes the popular HiFive Unmatched Rev. B, which is available today. To help streamline the development process, SiFive provides comprehensive documentation, software development kits, toolchains, utilities, and software ecosystem solutions for each SiFive RISC-V development board.

The HiFive Premier P550 is expected to be available through Arrow Electronics in July 2024.

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