Jun Seki replaces Jack Cheng to become Foxconn-backed MIH CEO

Peng Chen, DIGITIMES Asia, Taipei 0

Jun Seki is MIH's new CEO. Credit: DIGTIMES

MIH Consortium, an open EV platform initiated by Foxconn, announced on March 30 that Jun Seki, Foxconn's chief strategy officer for EVs, will become its new CEO starting April 1. Jack Cheng, MIH's previous head, said he will lead the startup M Mobility from now on.

MIH has gathered more than 2,700 members worldwide since its inception. The organization aims to establish EV standards and create more opportunities for businesses.

According to MIH's statement, Seki was appointed as the new CEO to accelerate innovation in the smart mobility sector and establish industry standards.

With over 30 years with Nissan Motor, Seki was also the Renault–Nissan–Mitsubishi Alliance and Nidec executive before joining Foxconn in early 2023. His extensive experiences and contacts in the automotive industry made him the perfect person to scale Foxconn's EV business and now help MIH move forward.

In the Japan Mobility Show last year, MIH revealed new smart mobility solutions: Project X and Project Y, which will comprehensively cover new trends in urban living, including People Mover and Goods Mover.

The consortium unveiled a passenger concept vehicle at the event, saying it was in deep collaboration with Foxconn Industrial Internet. The partnership will play an important role in developing in-vehicle infotainment systems and electrical/electronic architecture (EEA).

MIH also announced at CES 2024 that its Project X will incorporate the BlackBerry IVY platform. The incorporation is aimed at realizing an open ecosystem vision, continuously introducing new services, and creating new experiences throughout the vehicle lifecycle.

A day after MIH announced its new CEO, Cheng posted on LinkedIn that he would head the newly established M Mobility. He thanked everyone's support and said he would bring more updates about the startup in the coming months.

M Mobility, strategically invested by Indian IT service provider Tech Mahindra, targets the Japanese, Indian, and Thai markets. M Mobility has formed a partnership with Hakobune, a Sumitomo affiliate. According to Cheng, M Mobility is dedicated to driving last-mile green mobility, providing comprehensive electrification solutions integrated with EV and AI technologies for B2B clients. MIH announced it will license Project X to the company in October 2023.