Taiwan and US to jump light years ahead of photonics curve

Rebecca Kuo, Taipei; Samuel Howarth, DIGITIMES Asia 0


Taiwan and the US have a long tradition of technical cooperation.

Cheng Tao-lin, Deputy Executive Director of the Photonics Industry & Technology Development Association (PIDA), said that photonics and quantum technology are developing rapidly against the backdrop of the artificial intelligence wave and energy shortages. The world has seen significant advancements in technologies such as silicon photonics, materials science, and chip architecture.

PIDA reported that the output value of Taiwan's photonics industry exceeded NT$2 trillion (US$62 billion) in 2023, with an annual growth rate of 44%. This accounts for 10% of the global market.

Cheng said quantum technology will play a critical role in development in the next century. She said Taiwan's cooperation with the US in this field will be crucial.

Whether it is in semiconductors, photonics, or quantum fields, it is difficult for a single country to develop independently, Cheng said. International cooperation is therefore crucial, she added.

Taiwan and the US have a long tradition of technical cooperation, said Cheng. In the future, they should cooperate more closely to accelerate technology transfer and achieve commercial applications, she added.

Cheng believes that PIDA can play a mediating role in the cooperation between Taiwan and the US. Cooperation can encompass photonics and quantum technology, she explained.

PIDA will host the Taipei International Photonics Week in October. The exhibition will cover silicon photonics, all-optical networks, compound semiconductors, photonic detection, and nanophotonics.

It is hoped that this platform will promote international cooperation.