SK Siltron becomes SiC wafer supplier for Infineon

Jessica Tsai; Samuel Howarth, DIGITIMES Asia 0

Credit: AFP

SK Siltron, a subsidiary of SK Group, has signed a long-term contract with German semiconductor company Infineon to supply silicon carbide (SiC) wafers.

According to ET News, SK Siltron's subsidiary, SK Siltron CSS, has entered into a supply agreement with Infineon for SiC wafers. While the specific terms, including the contract amount and duration, have not been publicly disclosed, it is revealed to be a long-term supply agreement.

SK Siltron will prioritize the supply of 6-inch SiC wafers. It plans to transition to 8-inch products in the future.

SiC is a core material for manufacturing next-generation power semiconductors. It is known for its high-temperature resistance, high breakdown voltage, and superior durability.

The material is widely used in electric vehicles, energy storage systems (ESS), and solar energy applications. However, the technology for SiC wafers has a high barrier to entry, and only a few global companies, including SK Siltron CSS, Wolfspeed, and II-VI, can produce them.

In its efforts to cultivate future growth, SK Siltron has invested over KRW1 trillion and acquired DuPont's SiC wafer business. SK Siltron has a SiC wafer production facility in Michigan in the United States.

Industry observers say that SK Siltron's deal with Infineon is an initial success in its investment endeavors. Infineon aims to address the growing demand for semiconductors and stabilize its material supply chain through collaboration with SK Siltron.

SK Siltron is in the process of developing 8-inch SiC wafers. If successfully commercialized, SK Siltron will be poised to continue collaborating with Infineon and potentially establish a new factory.