Wistron ramps up hiring in India after selling iPhone business to Tata

Jingyue Hsiao, DIGITIMES Asia, Taipei 0

Credit: AFP

After selling the iPhone manufacturing business to Tata Group, Wistron continues investing in India, turning its focus to the automotive business.

According to UDN, Wistron plans to ramp up hiring in Naraspura, Karnataka, with a recruitment event scheduled on January 6, offering job positions including data analysis, optical inspection engineering, automation engineering, Final Assembly Test and pack (FTA) production, product development engineering, quality control, and industrial engineering.

The upcoming recruitment event follows Wistron's Wistron InfoComm Manufacturing (India) Private Limited sale to Tata Electronics in October 2023. After the transaction, Wistron has three subsidiaries in India, including 2008-founded ICT Service Management Solutions (India) Private Limited, 2016-founded Smartiply India Private Limited, and 2022-founded Wistron Automotive Electronics (India) Private Limited.

According to Wistron's document, ICT Service Management Solutions operates as a sales and maintenance service center, Smartply India is engaged in the development of internet platform and IoT-related products, and Wistron Automotive Electronics is engaged in manufacturing, R&D, and design of automotive electronics and electronic-related products.

Meanwhile, in October, Wistron announced an investment in Taiwan-based Electronic Bus and fast-charging system provider Master, acquiring a 6.11% stake. Master is expanding its overseas markets, including Japan, India, Paraguay, and Southeast Asia. Master is eyeing India for its fast-charging technology while participating in electric bus projects in Southeast Asia.

Wistron's subsidiaries in India


Major operations

Net income (TWDt)


ICT Service Management Solutions (India) Private Limited

Sales and maintenance service center


Wistron InfoComm Manufacturing (India) Private Limited

Manufacturing of information and communication products


sold to Tata Electronics

Smartiply India Private Limited

Development of Internet platforms and IoT-related products


Wistron Automotive Electronics (India) Private Limited

Manufacturing, research and development, and design of automotive electronics and electronic-related products


Source: Wistron, November 2023