India roundup: challenges remain for smartphone export expansion in India

Jingyue Hsiao, DIGITIMES Asia, Taipei 0

Credit: AFP

Despite rapid expansion in smartphone exports from India in recent years, geopolitical issues remain for India to expand exports further. Innolux confirmed the display collaboration with Vedanta was near finalization.

Challenges remain for Samsung handsets in India amid export expansion, says DIGITIMES Research

Samsung Electronics has significantly increased its handset exports from India in recent years. According to DIGITIMES Research, whether Samsung will keep expanding exports from India may be determined by the development of India's handset manufacturing ecosystem, its relationship with Islamic countries, and Vietnam's view of the rise of India in handset production.

Innolux-Vedanta collaboration reaches final approval phase

According to Innolux Chairman Jim Hung, the firm's partnership in India with Vedanta Group is in the last stage of the regulatory approval process. When the process is complete, the 8.5-gen panel factory in Gujarat, the fifth-largest state by population on the western coast of India, will officially launch its operations.

Tower Semiconductor reportedly applies wafer fab in India amid repeated challenges

The Economic Times quoted sources saying that Israel-based Tower Semiconductor, partnering with an India-based packaging and labeling product manufacturer, BC Jindal, resubmitted a proposal to set up a foundry to make 40-65nm analog chips in India. However, Abu Dhabi-based Next Orbit Ventures may launch legal actions against Tower Semiconductor because it has to collaborate with Next Orbit Ventures to invest in the foundry project in India according to their agreement.

India's leading EMS provider Syrma evaluating semiconductor segment

As an increasing number of India-based electronics manufacturers decided to venture into the OSAT business, senior executives at India-based EMS provider Syrma told DIGITIMES Asia that as the semiconductor industry is different from their EMS business, they are carefully evaluating whether to foray into the space.

Reliance eyes Bharat GPT and Jio 2.0 ecosystem

When addressing the annual IIT Bombay TechFest, Ambani said Reliance is working with the IIT Bombay to launch a Bharat GPT program, and Reliance planned to launch AI-powered products and services across all its sectors inside the organization, including media, commerce, communication, and even devices.

Apple reportedly searching for additional suppliers, including Indian-based companies

The Economic Times, citing sources, reported that Apple was in advanced talks with India-based Aegus, a manufacturer of high-end toys, consumer durable goods, and aerospace parts. Taiwan-based Rayprus, a Foxconn subsidiary, is engaged in multi-camera modules for smartphones.

Infinix evaluates making notebooks in India

Anish Kapoor, CEO at Infinix India, told Mint that the company was evaluating making products, including notebooks, in India and has been talking with potential ODM partners. The company planned to ensure the production quality, particularly the ecosystem, before deciding on ODM partners.

Nidec considering building more plants in India

Hiroshi Kobe, the president of Nidec, told Nikkei that the company is contemplating the construction of one or two extra facilities in India as early as 2025, aiming to capitalize on the rising demand for electric motorcycles, air conditioners, and various other electronic devices.