Tuesday 20 February 2024
China's chip imports and exports fell in 2023
According to data from the General Administration of Customs of the People's Republic of China (GACC), semiconductor imports and exports fell in 2023 for the second consecutive yea...
Friday 16 February 2024
Chinese EVs to gain traction in Europe despite obstacles on the horizon
Latest data showed China has won the title of the world's largest automobile exporter for the first time, thanks partly to its leading EV expertise. The automotive industry has watched...
Thursday 15 February 2024
South Korean semiconductor export sees 53% growth in January 2024
The export volume of South Korea's ICT industry has seen double-digit growth for the first time in nearly two years. With the recovery of memory prices, South Korea's semiconductor...
Wednesday 7 February 2024
Export data suggests South Korean battery industry is low on juice
South Korea's battery industry exports saw a further decline in 2023.
Thursday 1 February 2024
IMF optimistic for 2024 trade as Taiwan's electronics exports skyrocket
After 2023's challenges of war, inflation, inventory issues, reduced export orders, and a slowdown in machinery and equipment imports, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) gave global...
Monday 29 January 2024
India roundup: Corning facility to land in southern India
Corning signed an MoU with the government of Tamil Nadu to make cover glass for mobile devices as India saw surging electronics exports thanks to Apple suppliers.
Friday 26 January 2024
South Korea sees global export share ranking in key tech industries fall to 5th from 2nd place
In the world's six major advanced industries, South Korea witnessed a substantial decline in its export share from 8.4% in 2018 to 6.5% in 2022, marking a significant 25% decrease...
Thursday 25 January 2024
Taiwan's automotive firms unfazed by China's threat to cancel ECFA
China People's Political Consultative Conference Daily reported on Jan. 20 that the country will not rule out the possibility of terminating the Economic Cooperation Framework...
Tuesday 23 January 2024
India sees surging electronics exports thanks to iPhone manufacturers
Thanks to rising production and exports by Apple suppliers, India continued to witness surging electronics exports, and the export momentum is expected to remain.
Monday 22 January 2024
Chinese exports of battery material graphite plunge on controls
China's exports of natural graphite, a material used in electric vehicle batteries, plummeted in December after Beijing href=""...
Monday 22 January 2024
Samsung to make S24 series in India and expand exports
Samsung Electronics unveiled its latest flagship smartphone, the S24 series, which features on-device AI capabilities. Samsung praised the contribution of the Indian R&D team...
Tuesday 2 January 2024
India roundup: challenges remain for smartphone export expansion in India
Despite rapid expansion in smartphone exports from India in recent years, geopolitical issues remain for India to expand exports further. Innolux confirmed the display collaboration...
Thursday 28 December 2023
Chinese automakers' offense drives global car industry development
China's automotive industry reached a milestone in 2023. The country became the world's largest car exporter this year and saw the homegrown automakers occupy over 50% of the domestic...
Monday 25 December 2023
Status of global and Thailand PCB industry


Monday 18 December 2023
Singapore exports swing to growth first time in 14 months
Singapore's exports returned to growth for the first time in more than a year, although it was hardly a sign of recovery in external demand.