India roundup: India emerges as a global hub for RISC-V

Jingyue Hsiao, DIGITIMES Asia, Taipei 0

Credit: AFP

India, one of the global IC design hubs, has the potential to become a RISC-V hub. India's telecom bill may pave the way for efficient satellite spectrum distribution.

India emerges as a global hub for RISC-V design, says Sequoia-backed fabless startup

G S Madhusudan, CEO of India-based InCore Semiconductors, told DIGITIMES Asia that India accounts for 30-40% of chip design activities globally, and companies are shifting their physical design teams to India, boosting India's position as a design epicenter, especially in the RISC-V space.

India introduces draft telecom bill, beneficial to satellite communication operators

On December 18, India introduced a draft telecom bill in the Lok Sabha. According to the bill, India may adopt an authorization-based system rather than an auction system regarding satellite spectrum allocation, and satellite communication service providers, such as Starlink, will likely benefit from the bill.

Gogoro parts away with Indian partner

The Financial Express quoted Gogoro's statement saying that the company could not agree with a joint venture project with Belrise. Therefore, Gogoro will go solo with a renewable energy network project in Maharashtra.

Counterpoint reveals rising interest in iPhone beyond tier-1 cities in India

Neil Shah, vice president of Counterpoint Research, told The Economic Times that a few years ago, tier-1 cities used to contribute nearly 70% of the demand and supply for Apple products, but now 60% of the iPhone sales in India come from outside tier-1 cities.