Cold chain and logistics industry pushing smart, efficient and low-carbon solutions, says DIGITIMES Research

Eva Lin, DIGITIMES Research, Taipei 0


The Taipei International Logistics and IoT Exhibition 2023 and Taipei International Cold Chain Technology Exhibition 2023 were jointly held from August 23 to 26, with more than one hundred cold chain and logistics operators participating in the events. According to DIGITIMES Research's latest report under the brand new AIoT channel, set to launch in 2024, influenced by the call for net-zero carbon emissions and increasing labor shortages, the cold chain/logistics industry is moving towards smart, highly efficient, and low-carbon solutions.

IoT technology is a crucial component in achieving these three primary goals. The concept of the Physical Internet (PI) makes its debut in Taiwan at this exhibition, highlighting temperature and humidity monitoring, carbon reduction, automated warehousing, and fleet management solutions, the data shows in the now free report that can be seen here.

Fox-Tech and Brocere Technology showcased customized IoT solutions for temperature and humidity monitoring, with more censoring functionalities like carbon dioxide concentration and air quality detection, to be incorporated into related solutions per customer needs.

Flutai offers comprehensive planning for cold chain logistics warehousing and vehicle refrigeration equipment, including dual-power refrigeration machines that run on engine or battery power, reducing carbon emissions from logistics transportation.

Coretronic Intelligent Logistics (CiLS) is one of the two Taiwanese exhibitors showcasing autonomous mobile robot (AMR) solutions (the other being FARobot). They present self-developed AMR forklifts and handling vehicles and the iMEC intelligent management system, which offers warehousing operators smart management solutions.

Hai Robotics introduces the world's first cold storage container-type warehousing robot that can operate safely in temperatures as low as -25°C. Geek+ presents goods-to-person picking robots with smart sorting workstations, enhancing warehouse picking efficiency.

OmniEyes, with AI edge computing technology at its core, uses image recognition technology to monitor fleet driver's behavior, helping improve driver safety and reduce improper driving behavior.

Eupfin Technology exhibited two major solutions for fleet management and transportation management systems, covering various application scenarios from driver behavior and vehicle status to cargo control and transportation cost management and providing comprehensive fleet management system services for logistics and fleet management operators.

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