Companies showcasing more SiC semiconductors and auto innovations at Autotronics Taipei 2023, says DIGITIMES Research

Jessie Lin, DIGITIMES Research, Taipei 0


After surveying and analyzing the showcases at Taipei AMPA & Autotronics Taipei 2023 and E-Mobility Taiwan 2023 held in mid-April, DIGITIMES Research found that this year's event featured a growing number of high-voltage silicon carbide (SiC) semiconductor applications that significantly boost electrical vehicle (EV) efficiency, while the development of automotive electronics including mmWave radars, head-up displays (HUDs) and rear seat entertainment (RSE) systems are targeting mainly high-end applications, according to DIGITIMES Research's latest report covering the show.

Thanks to the EV market's rapid growth, demand for high-power quick DC charging has started to emerge.

Regarding the development of SiC semiconductors that enhance EV efficiency, Foxconn subsidiary Hon Young Semiconductor (HYS) presented 1,200V SiC MOSFETs. HYS is aiming to increase its SiC capacity 10 folds by 2028 by working with upstream SiC substrate supplier Taisic Materials and is initially focusing on 6-inch wafer production and R&D on 8-inch wafers. Teco showcased a SiC high-power direct drive EV driver boasting a maximum power output of 360kW. The product can be applied in city-range e-buses and e-trucks with one of the e-buses set to adopt an 800V system that is set for volume production in 2024, the report noted.

Among automotive electronics exhibits, Cubtek introduced a 4D imaging radar featuring a high angular resolution and all-weather visibility. Priced at about half of the costs of LiDAR solutions, Cubtek's product is expected to pose a great threat to existing LiDAR products. The 3D AR-HUD exhibited by E-lead Electronics is already being used in a partnership project with a leading European automaker with the proof-of-concept (POC) demonstration underway in China.

The 3D AR-HUD is expected to come with a price tag double that of a W-HUD. Jet Opto, one of the world's top three RSE system suppliers, seamlessly brings Amazon Fire TV to cars, which increases its appeal to potential buyers.

Rapid EV market growth spurs rising charging pile demand. Having shipped more than two million charging piles worldwide, Delta Electronics plans to roll out quick charging piles along highways in Taiwan in second-half 2023. Zerova supplies charging piles to 35 countries around the globe. It presented a new 480kW standalone DC charger that combines the main cabinet and gun storage in one. The compact design supports installation at space-constrained locations.

Aside from the hardware, software also plays a growingly important role in the future car. MIH Consortium unveiled its software-defined vehicle (SDV) architecture, providing applications and services that smart cars need. MIH members have jointly developed multiple solutions such as charging station maps and automotive diagnostics which will first be incorporated in commercial delivery trucks.