MediaTek to adopt Nvidia GPU in flagship mobile chip

Monica Chen, Hsinchu; Steve Shen, DIGITIMES Asia 0

MediaTek is expected to integrate an Nvidia GPU into its next-generation flagship mobile processor as early as 2024, according to industry sources.

In addition to co-developing mobile handset platforms to enhance AI and gaming functionalities of MediaTek's application processors, MediaTek and Nvidia will also cooperate in developing WOA (Windows on Arm) platform products for notebook applications, said the sources.

Although Nvidia experienced a 21% annual revenue decline for the fourth quarter that ended January 2023, the US-based GPU supplier has continued landing large-volume orders for its A100/H100 chips from general customers, as well as the nerfed A800/H800 GPUs from Chinese customers.

According to sources at Taiwan's semiconductor supply chain, TSMC has continued to secure follow-up foundry orders for A100/H100 and A800/H800 chips, which enable it to fully utilize its 7/5nm production capacity starting the third quarter. Meanwhile, Nvidia has also booked CoWoS packaging capacity at TSMC.

Nvidia will also likely see its performance improve quarterly in the second half of the year, buoyed by increasing GPU order momentum from a seasonal demand in the gaming market.

Meanwhile, the sources added that the co-development of the WOA platform products, powered by Nvidia GPU and AI technologies, will help the two firms penetrate the notebook market.

The WOA platform products will also enhance MediaTek's presence in the midrange to high-end notebook segments, said the sources, noting that MediaTek currently focuses on the entry-level Chromebook market with a 20% share.

According to an industry estimate, global Chromebook shipments will likely reach 20 million units in 2023, at the same level as in the previous year.