Aceinna provides precise positioning solutions for L2-L5 ADAS

Yusin Hu, DIGITIMES Asia, Taipei 0

Aceinna at CES 2023 Credit: DIGITIMES Asia

MEMS-based sensing solution supplier Aceinna is bringing its high-precision positioning sensor system INS401 to the automotive market, noting that its goal is to reduce the costs of integrating high-precision sensors in automobiles for carmakers.

Aceinna said at this year's CES that the system is specifically developed for high-volume applications requiring accurate position information, including L2 to L5 autonomous driving.

The INS401 is an Inertial navigation system featuring a high-performance RTK-enabled dual-frequency GNSS (global navigation satellite system) receiver and triple-redundant inertial sensors. Combining IMU sensors with GNSS real-time kinematics (RTK) also allows it to access correction services via a cellular network that ACEINNA has partnered with, to achieve cm-level positioning accuracy.

The company said that with cm-level precision, the ISO26262-certified INS401 offers an outstanding dead reckoning solution that works well in urban environments for automakers. The positioning technology is focused on the automotive lane-positioning applications.

Moreover, the INS401 system can be operated in a variety of temperature ranges (-40 C to +85 C) so it can maintain reliability in different weather conditions and even extreme climates such as during snowstorms or in deserts.

Aceinna has started shipping INS401 to global automotive tier-1 suppliers and OEMs. The company said its sensor fusion solutions will be crucial for those applications for a wide range of vehicles.