Delta aims at over 15% market share for EV components in 2030

Siu Han, Tainan; Adam Hwang, DIGITIMES Asia 0

Delta Electronics founder and honorary chairman Bruce Cheng; credit: DIGITIMES Asia

Power supply and energy management solution provider Delta Electronics aims to have its global market share for power components and devices used in electric vehicles (EVs) rise from 7-8% at present to over 15% in 2030, according to company founder and honorary chairman Bruce Cheng.

EV power components and devices that Delta provides are mainly in-vehicle power chargers, high-voltage DC converters, powertrain drives, motor drives, and 4-in-one integrated sub-systems. Delta has offered 400KW SiC-based in-vehicle power chargers with an energy conversion rate of 96.5% and weight is 25% of that for conventional DC chargers.

For power supplies, in particular, Delta has hiked energy use efficiency from less than 90% 10 years ago to 94-96% or even 98% at present and energy density from 30-40W/inch to 85W/inch and aims at 100W/inch.

There were 6.7 million new EVs sold globally in 2021, taking up 8.3% of all new cars sold in the year, and the sales in 2022 are estimated at 9.4 million EVs, according to industry sources. EVs are forecast to penetrate 40% of all new cars to be sold in 2030, the sources said.

Global EV market is growing fast and market competition is also increasingly heating up, Cheng said. Development of EV manufacturing industry has three stages – governments offering incentives to encourage purchases of EVs is in the first stage, Cheng noted. In the second stage, governments set regulations and punitive rules to push EV makers to improve design of EVs, Cheng indicated. Consumers' demand drives EV makers to develop models catering to them and pushes for deployment of power charging facilities in the third stage, Cheng said.

Along with fast-growing demand for EV components and devices, Delta's annual consolidated revenues are expected to increase from US$13 billion currently to US$36 billion in 2030, Cheng noted.

Delta Electronics has reported consolidated revenues of NT$35.530 billion (US$1.11 billion) for October, decreasing 3.78% on month but increasing 34.69% on year.

Power supplies and related components accounted for 60% of the consolidated revenues, devices used in ICT and energy infrastructure for 26%, and devices used in industrial and building automation for 14%, Delta said.

Delta posted consolidated revenues of NT$314.313 billion for January-October, rising 22.17% on year.