Tuesday 10 January 2023
Mercedes-Benz to build 400 high-power charging hubs in North America by 2027
Mercedes-Benz announced at the CES 2023 that it would start building a high-power charging network in the US and Canada this year and in Europe, China, and other key markets in the...
Thursday 22 December 2022
Taiwan Cement pushes off-peak EV power charging
NHOA.TCC, Taiwan Cement's (TCC) subsidiary operator of green energy services, has called for electric vehicle (EV) owners/drivers to act as Earth Helper by charging EVs during time...
Friday 11 November 2022
Delta aims at over 15% market share for EV components in 2030
Power supply and energy management solution provider Delta Electronics aims to have its global market share for power components and devices used in electric vehicles (EVs) rise from...
Thursday 22 September 2022
Taiwan speeds up EV power charging pile installations
The number of electric vehicle (EV) power charging piles installed in public places around Taiwan will increase from 2,099 curently to 7,167 in 2025, according to Ministry of Economic...
Tuesday 20 September 2022
Taiwan Cement setting up EV power charging networks in Europe via subsidiary
Atlante, Taiwan Cement's Italy-based affiliate, is setting up networks of 215 electric vehicle (EV) power charging stations in Italy, France, Spain and Portugal, according to Taiwan...
Friday 26 August 2022
ABB tapping Taiwan EV charging pile market
Switzerland-based ABB is actively cooperating with commercial venues, car fleets, car sales agents, energy suppliers and local governments in Taiwan to install electric vehicle (EV)...
Thursday 28 July 2022
NHOA.TCC inaugurates first EV charging station combining solar power and energy storage in Taiwan
NHOA.TCC, a subsidiary of Taiwan Cement, inaugurated on July 27 an EV charging station in Taipei City. It is Taiwan's first DC/DC charging station that integrates solar power while...
Wednesday 16 March 2022
InnoKnight provides hardware-agnostic charging solutions
Tesla has recruited 16 to 18 suppliers to build charging installations in Taiwan, according to industry sources. So far, there are more than 40 Tesla Superchargers available in Tai...
Monday 7 March 2022
Taiwan Cement extends energy business from energy storage systems to EV power charging
Taiwan Cement (TCC) has set up the first EV-use power charging station in DAKA via cooperation with President Chain Store, the operator of 7-Eleven convenience store chain in Taiwan,...
Tuesday 22 February 2022
Noodoe aims to make its OS the Windows of EV power charging
The market for electric vehicles (EVs) is growing, according to John Wang, the founder and chairman of Noodoe EV, the Taiwan-based developer of Noodoe EV OS. Wang intends to make...
Friday 18 February 2022
Phihong to expand presence in overseas EV charger markets
Taiwan-based power supply maker Phihong Technology is looking to continue the expansion of its electric vehicle (EV) charger business in overseas markets and secure more clients in...
Friday 14 January 2022
Gogoro to build more Super GoStations in Taiwan and renovate repair shops
The battery-swapping network Powered by Gogoro Network, known as the PBGN alliance in Taiwan, has nearly 100,000 battery swaps available across more than two thousand battery-swapping...
Friday 14 January 2022
Hero Electric adopts fast-charging batteries for commercial fleets
India's best-selling Hero Electric is working with local battery supplier Log9 Materials to develop fast-charging batteries for commercial e-scooters.
Tuesday 4 January 2022
EVOasis sets up EV charging station with rooftop PV system in Taiwan
Electric vehicle (EV) power charging solution provider EVOasis has set up a power charging station with a rooftop PV system in Taiwan, with the PV system supplying 30-50% of needed...
Wednesday 15 December 2021
AcBel enhances green energy, EV power charging business
Power supply maker AcBel Polytech has strengthened business operation in green energy and power charging systems used in electric vehicles (EVs) due to much larger growth potential...