2022 Taiwan Innotech Expo to kick off on October 13

Judy Lin, DIGITIMES Asia, Taipei 0

The 2022 Taiwan Innotech Expo press conference announced that this year's event will be held during October 13-15 at the First Exhibition Hall of the Taipei World Trade Center, where 520 breakthrough innovations in multiple technology applications will compete for awards.

It will be a free admission event, which is expected to see 50,000 people attending, reaching the level before the pandemic. Local companies participating in the event include TSMC, ASE, Compal Electronics, etc. Foreign companies and organizations such as Fujifilm, Siemens, Cisco, Merck, INNOPA of Indonesia as well as NRCT from Thailand have also signed up to attend.

At the pre-event press conference, Sherry Shu-min Hong, director general of the Intellectual Property Office under the Ministry of Economic Affairs said, "The Innotech Expo started in 2005, so this will be our 18th year to host this event. It is a great opportunity to demonstrate the innovation capabilities of Taiwan, and also a great platform for innovators to commercialize their inventions and spot new opportunities."

There will be around 1,200 innovations demonstrated in this year's Innotech Expo, and the number of companies signing up to attend the event has reached 460, using 948 booths.

A total of 35 innovation technology seminars and business matchmaking sessions are planned during the 2022 Taiwan Innotech Expo, hoping to create business opportunities for buyers and innovators.

At the venue, there will be an innovation award competition/exhibition area and three theme pavilions including "Future Technology", "Sustainability", and "Innovation Pilot".

The Future Tech Pavilion will focus on innovations in the space of health tech, advanced materials, artificial intelligence (AI), the internet of things (IoT) applications, and sports tech. There will be exhibitions demonstrating "future hospital" and "future sports" for visitors to experience in person.

The Sustainability Pavilion will show more than 100 innovative works, including applications in the circular economy, decarbonization, green energy, and recycling technology.

The Innovation Pilot Pavilion will show the latest breakthroughs in semiconductors, precision medicine, advanced manufacturing, smart living, aerospace and cryptography cybersecurity, etc.

As for the innovation award exhibition area, there will be 520 innovative works to compete for this year's innovation awards, and award-winning products in previous years will also be exhibited in this area.

For those who are not able to attend the expo in person, there will also be a virtual expo during October 11-20, which can be accessed at Https:\\

Sherry Hong

Sherry Hong, Director General of the Intellectual Property Office under the Ministry of Economic Affairs (center) at the pre-event presser. Credit: DIGITIMES


Compal Electronics staff demonstrated their MR glasses at the pre-event presser. The products are already implemented in ASE's 5G Smart Factory. Credit: DIGITIMES