A 'hardware renaissance' is coming: Where does Asia stand?

Misha Lu, Anchor Taiwan and DIGITIMES 0

Credit: Anchor Taiwan

In 2021, a record US$45 billion funding went into industrial and supply chain startups. COVID-19 has accelerated global investments into a growing spectrum of technologies that will ultimately offer us an unprecedented level of visibility, predictability, and efficiency over manufacturing and logistics.

The latest wave of innovations is no longer just about the digital economy but focuses on its convergence with the real economy. This great convergence of software and hardware is now turbocharging Industry 4.0, and aligning Asia's manufacturing industry closer with Silicon Valley and European software innovation hubs.

On this unfamiliar horizon, mega-funds are turning their gaze onto industrial technology, including Lux Capital, General Catalyst, GGV and Next47 (backed by Siemens). New sector-specific VCs have also emerged, the latest include Construct Capital and Ironspring Ventures. Meanwhile, corporates are also building venture capital arms to seize the wave, with leaders such as TDK, Koch Industries and Honeywell.

Among these, where does Asia stand? The next session of Asia Venturing: The Great Convergence - Why Industrial Tech is the Next Big Thing (7 PM Apr 25 SF | 10 AM Apr 26 Taipei) will navigate through the landscape of Industry 4.0 investment with Nicolas Sauvage, president of TDK Ventures and Ken Forster, executive director of Momenta, interviewed by Elisa Chiu, CEO of Anchor Taiwan.

Running up to the event, we will also release two exclusive interviews with our speakers, covering how they interpret this revolutionary change and how they position their funds in it. In addition, we will present to you the top funds making the most impact on Industry 4.0 investment, and dissect some of the key ingredients paving the way to successful industrial tech startups.

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