Hiwin forms alliance for upgrading machine tools

Chloe Liao, Taipei; Adam Hwang, DIGITIMES Asia 0

Mechanical motion control component maker Hiwin Technologies has formed a business alliance for upgrading machine tools into smart ones at the combined exhibition TIMTOS (Taipei International Machine Tool Show) x TMTS (Taiwan International Machine Tool Show) in Taipei during February 21-26, according to the company.

Main components of machine tools include controllers, sensors, screws, main shafts and drive motors, and to make these components smart is essential to making machine tools smart, Hiwin chairman Chuo Wen-heng said.

Through the alliance, Hiwin will promote use of smart components, beginning with smart ball screws, Chuo noted.

Faucet maker Long Tai Copper has adopted i4.0BS, Hiwin-developed smart ball screws able to recognize the optimal time of lubrication, for its manufacturing equipment and has thereby reduced use of lubricant by 40-70%, Chuo indicated.

There are 30 makers of machine tools and related components in the alliance, including Victor Taichung Machinery Works, Tongtai Machine & Tool, Taiwan Takisawa Technology and Yeong Chin Machinery Industries.

Hiwin has set aside a capex budget of about NT$3 billion (US$108 million) for 2022, mainly for use in four factories in Taiwan, construction of a factory in Italy and another in Japan, Chuo indicated.

Hiwin Technologies forms a business alliance at TIMTOS x TMTS 2022

Hiwin forms a business alliance at TIMTOS x TMTS 2022
Photo: Company