Dataa develops smart health analytics

Rebecca Kuo, Taipei; Adam Hwang, DIGITIMES Asia 0

DKABio. Credit: Qisda

Dataa Development, a member of the Qisda Group, has developed DKABio smart health analytics based on big data analysis for predicting morbidity risks in the next 5-10 years and establishing risk prediction models for 15 diseases/symptoms, according to company president Emma Yang.

The development of DKASio used 1,200 in-house-developed sub-models to analyze over 100 million health data items collected from more than five million Chinese people over 20 years, with the analysis focusing on risks concerning 15 common chronic diseases in Taiwan to find out high-risk groups and help make efficient health management strategies, Yang said.

Treating an individual person as a complete ecosystem for disease risk analysis, the development of DKABio considers three factors influencing health, that is, genetics, behavior and environment, and integrates 148 items of physiological attributes including living habits, physical constitution and family inheritance, Yang explained.

For DKABio, Dataa has completed two core technologies, nine health positioning engines, risk analysis engines for 36 diseases, seven health decision-making analysis engines, Yang noted.