Highlights of the day: Supply chain gears up for new iPhones


Apple's supply chain is gearing up for the upcoming iPhones. Apple is expected to adopt flexible AMOLED for all of its next-generation iPhones to be launched later this year and will outpace Samsung to become the top buyer of AMOLED smartphone displays this year. TSMC has kicked off production for the A15 processors. Meanwhile, chip shortages are expected to undermine server production at ODMs through the end of the year.

Apple to outpace Samsung as top buyer of smartphone AMOLED displays: Apple is expected to unseat Samsung Electronics as the largest buyer of AMOLED displays for smartphones in 2021, as new iPhones for the year reportedly will all adopt flexible AMOLED screens, pushing up the penetration of such displays in iPhone devices to around 80%, according to industry sources.

TSMC kicking off production for new iPhone chips: TSMC has kicked off production for Apple's next-generation iPhone processor dubbed A15, and will see demand for the chip surpass that for its predecessor last year in scale, according to industry sources.

Server ODMs see shipments disrupted by chip shortages: Server ODMs have seen their shipments disrupted by the shortages of power management ICs, network switches, and other chips and components, which are unlikely to ease until the end of this year, according to industry sources.