EIH to promote color e-book readers

Jen-Chieh Yang, DIGITIMES Research, Taipei 0

E Ink Holdings (EIH) will promote its ACeP (advanced color e-paper) technology to e-book readers in 2021.

ACeP technology enables ink to produce color at every pixel without using a color filter array, allowing it to achieve full color gamut, Digitimes Research indicated.

EIH currently provides two color e-paper solutions: a micro-cup consisting of red, white and black colors or yellow, white and black area colors, with the solution mainly used in e-tags; and a micro-capsule matched with color filters, with use of the solution extended from large-size digital signage to e-book readers.

Glass-based color filters used in digital signage are heavy and thick, and transparency is low, and therefore are not suitable for e-book readers. Instead, color layers are adhered to thin film of electronic ink to minimize weight and thickness and enhance transparency for e-book readers.