Indoor positioning, smart thermometer patch combined for quarantine monitoring

Yihan Li, Taipei; Adam Hwang, DIGITIMES Asia 0

Spatial Topology Technology has combined its indoor positioning system with Bluetooth trackers developed by Tracmo and smart thermometer patches produced by iWEECARE to form a solution that monitors real-time body temperatures of people who are suspected of COVUD-19 infection and isolated for quarantine at their homes or government-designated places, according to Spatial Topology.

Spatial said the solution is useful in situations, such as the ongoing coronavirus outbreak, where the whereabouts and health of people under quarantines have to be closely monitored.

Smart thermometer patches keep measuring their body temperatures and automatically report results to quarantine management centers, Spatial said. If the smart patches are out of detection reach of indoor positioning system in combination with Bluetooth trackers, this means that the person being monitored have breached the isolation, and a warning will be automatically sent to quarantine management centers.

The solution can minimize quarantine or medical staff members' immediate contacts with potential patients and reduce risks of being infected, Spatial noted.