Taiwan startups intro smart security solutions incorporating fingerprint ID, blockchain at CES 2020

Mark Tsai, Las Vegas; Willis Ke, DIGITIMES Asia 0

Taiwan startups are demonstrating at CES 2020 a variety of smart tech solutions incorporating fingerprint recognition, blockchain and data visualization technologies to enhance online retailing security, protect personal medical records and facilitate smart mobility services.

At CES' Taiwan Tech Arena pavilion, KeyXentic, dedicated to mobile and data security services, sports its biometric identification, multi-factor authentication and public key infrastructure (PKI) tech solutions that can boost online payment security, avoiding possible risks associated with the past input of passwords.

AuthenTrend Technology's electronic wallet solution can integrate fingerprint recognition and EAL5 +SE (secure element) technologies to lower the chance of fraudulent use of wallets. The company is striving to bring fingerprint-enabled security authenticators from personal to business, from centralization to decentralization, and from IT to IoT to meet the trend of biometric, password-free authentication.

SecuX Technology's encrypted point-to-point payment system allows the linkage between the retail end and the POS terminal system or enables connections between kiosk machines and NFC sensors via an embedded module to boost trading security.

International Trust Machines's blockchain-enabled IC solution features a cryptographic security algorithm to achieve high security, privacy protection and low-cost IoT uplinks, while KryptoGo leverages blockchain search engine to increase the usability and readability of digital data.

3drens offers vehicle fleet dispatch optimization system to help fleet operators reduce operating costs, increase fleet dispatch efficiency and introduce innovative mobility services. OmniEyes also has released an online virtual assistant system to enhance fleet management.