13 Taiwan startups win CES 2020 Innovation Awards

Mark Tsai, Las Vegas; Adam Hwang, DIGITIMES Asia 0

Of the 82 startups organized by Taiwan Tech Arena (TTA) to attend Eureka of CES 2020, 13 have won CES 2020 Innovation Awards, according to the Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST) that supports the TTA delegation.

The winners include LuluPet's pet health management system using AI-based analysis of animal excretion conditions collected by sensors to understand pets' daily intake of nutrients and water.

AgriTalk's smart agricultural solution uses IoT sensors to collect data on air quality, temperature and humidity and dryness of soil for analysis of soil productivity.

The others include: AuthenTrend Technology's fingerprint-based security authentication solutions; Taiwan User-Friendly Sensor and Tech's IoT-based portable device providing rapid food allergen test results; ible Technology's wearable air purifiers; Rice Ear's personal air purifier for cleaning air in users' immediate surrounding of up to 16 square meters; Brillant Optronics's smart window film that can be laminated onto existing window glass and adjusted in transparency, tint, privacy protection and image display via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.

In smart transportation, the winners include Mindtronic's AI-based smart solutions for automotive application, the company has obtained over 100 patents around the world; Jarvish's smart safety helmets; and Nestech's smart access control solutions.

Happy Island's bone-conduction music shells (MP3) for use by swimmers, YunYun Tech's smart baby camera via integrating AI with vision technology for use to detect risky conditions for babies' safety, and Ganzin Technology's eye tracking solutions that can be integrated into AR/VR modules, have also won awards.

Representatives of the 13

Taiwanese startups that have won CES 2020 Innovation Awards
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