Biotech startup releases smart customized skincare solutions

Mark Tsai, Taipei; Willis Ke, DIGITIMES Asia 0

Taiwan-based biotech startup VesCir has released a smart personal skin care system integrating IoT, AI algorithm and biomedical technologies to present customized skincare solutions for consumers, according to TC Chang, the firm's AI algorithm engineer.

Chang said that under the system, a smart optical IoT device will be used to check users' skin conditions, and weather conditions, including temperatures and humidity, in their neighborhood, and then the embedded algorithms can analyze the collected data before recommending skincare products for consumers.

He continued that the skin data collected by the company can also help skincare retailers and brands improve their product lines.

In terms of business model, VesCir now conducts package sales of optical IoT inspection device, related app and skincare oil, Chang said.

He revealed that VesCir will first promote sales of its products at duty-free shops at airports in Taiwan and will also start to venture its products into the France market by the end of 2019.