US biomedical CRO Veristat sets up first Asia operations in Taiwan

Mark Tsai, Taipei; Willis Ke, DIGITIMES Asia 0

US-based clinical research organization (CRO) Veristat has set up operations in Taipei, seeking to leverage Taiwan's ICT talent to integrate smart medical resources in the US and Taiwan for better clinical applications, according to Alecia Barbee, executive vice president for the firm's US operations.

Besides serving biopharmaceutical clients in North America, Europe and Asia, Veristat has established its first Asia branch in Taiwan to offer clinical trial, biostatistics and programing services for local clients, Barbee said.

Barbee said over the past two and a half years, a total of 604 biotech startups have been established in the US, indicating the increasingly close integration of technology and medicine, which will usher in brand-new biomedical innovations to promote human health.

Philip Ho, director of the firm's Asia Pacific operations, said that Taiwan's biomedical industry has experienced more than 20 years of development, with annual production value estimated at US$2.44 billion. He said the technologies accumulated over the years and big data analysis will combine to spur a new wave of growth for the industry in Taiwan.

HY Ou, Asia Pacific operations manager at Veristat, also noted that his company will move to boost new drug R&D efficiency and rare disease treatment efficacy by utilizing the statistical analysis system (SAS). He revealed the Taipei office is recruiting 20 SAS programmers and two clinical data managers to provide stable services to clients in Taiwan.